Fiber Fusion Splicers
GAO’s fiber fusion splicers are used in the field of fiber optics to join or splice two optical fibers together. Our product is an essential tool for creating a continuous and low-loss connection between two fiber optic cables. GAO’s fusion splicers help in the installation, maintenance, and repair of fiber optic networks. Our products enable efficient and reliable transmission of data over long distances, making them essential for modern telecommunications and high-speed internet connectivity.  


GAO’s fusion splicers are composed of a fusion chamber, an alignment system, an arc/laser source, splice data management, a splice protection sleeve heater, a display and user interface, and fiber holders. 

The other common names of fusion splicers are fusion splicing machines, fiber optic splicers, fiber fusion splicers, optical fiber fusion machines, fusion fiber splicing equipment, optical splicing devices, fiber optic fusion splicing tools, fusion splice machines, optical fiber splice units, fusion optical fiber splicers, fiber optic jointing machines, fusion optical splicing devices, optical fiber fusion splice equipment, and fiber optic fusion bonders.

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GAOTek 48 Port 10GE Network Ethernet Fiber Switch

GAOTek 48 port 10GE network ethernet fiber switch provides 48 10 GBIT/s SFP+ optical ports (supporting GE optical modules), and six 100 GBIT/s QSFP28 optical ports (not supporting one fourth).

GAOTek 6 Motor Splicer

GAOTek 6 motor splicer is mainly applied in the backbone project. adopts precision and core alignment to ensure the accuracy of the estimated loss.

GAOTek 81 C Fiber Splicer Machine

This 81 C splicer Fiber splicer machine has 80 µm to 150 µm cladding diameter, >60 dB return loss, and 100 µm to 1,000 µm coating diameter.

GAOTek AI-8C Fusion Splicer

This AI-8C fusion splicer has splicing time 6 s, heating time 15 s, humidity of < 95 %, windspeed ≤ 15 m/s, 5 in display, and tension test of 2 N.

GAOTek Alignment Splicing Machine

This Alignment Splicing Machine has 5 s splicing time, 15 s heating time, 6 motors auto focus, 13.5 V output and 7800 mAh Li battery capacity.

GAOTek Automatic Core Fiber Backbone Fusion Splicer

SKU: GAOTek-FFS- 193
GAOTek automatic alignment core fiber backbone fusion splicers have been used for joining two optical fibers end to end using heat, to fuse the two fibers together in such a way that light passing through the fibers is not scattered or reflected back by the splices, and so that the splices and the regions surrounding them are almost as strong as the virgin fibers themselves.

GAOTek Automatic Fast Splicing Optical Fiber

GAOTek Automatic Fast Splicing Optical Fiber has a PET Bottle Blowing Machine, Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.

GAOTek Automatic Fiber Fusion Splicer

GAOTek Automatic Fiber Fusion Splicer’s splicing process begins by preparing each fiber end for fusion.

GAOTek Automatic Fusion Splicer

GAOTek fusion splicer is used for joining two optical fibers end-to-end using heat, to fuse the two fibers together in such a way that light passing through the fibers is not scattered or reflected by the splice, and so that the splice and the region surrounding it are almost as strong as the virgin fiber itself.

GAOTek Automatic Intelligent Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

This Intelligent Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer offers hsarsh environment adaptable, waterproof, anti-dust, fall protection. Enhanced efficiency.

GAOTek Automatic Splicing Machine

This Automatic Splicing Machine has 6 s of splicing time, return loss of >60 dB, 5200 mAh of battery, and diameter of cladding of 80 μm to 150 μm.

GAOTek Buffer Tube Slitter

Effortlessly strip fiber optic buffer tubes with our lightweight Buffer Tube Slitter with four caliber options, and sharp alloy blades. 

GAOTek Cable Fibre Fusion Splicer

This cable fibre fusion splicer has splicing time of 5 s, heating time of 15 s, return loss of 60 dB, humidity of < 95 % and 2 N tension test.

GAOTek Cable Fusion Splicer

This cable fusion splicer has tension test of 2 N, weld time of 6 s, return loss of ≥60 dB and average splice of 0.02 dB (SM) and 0.01 dB (MM).

GAOTek Clad Alignment Fiber Fusion Splicer

GAOTek clad alignment fiber fusion splicers have one of the main causes of high splice losses is bad cleave end face quality.

GAOTek Core Alignment Fiber Fusion Optic

GAOTek core alignment fiber fusion optics use the latest core alignment technology with auto focus and six motors.

GAOTek Core Alignment Fusion Splicer

This core alignment fusion splicer has 80 µm to 150 µm cladding diameter, tension test of 1.96 N, altitude of 3.11 mi (5 km), and 8 N propulsion.

GAOTek Core To Core Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

SKU: GAOTek – FFS – 196
This Core-to-core Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer has more than 60 db return loss, 26 seconds typical heating time, and 7 seconds’ typical splicing time.

GAOTek Cores Ribbon Splicing Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer

This Ribbon Splicing Fiber Fusion Splicer offers clad-to-clad alignment, 2-12 cores, rapid splicing & heating. ideal for precise optical fusion.

GAOTek Fast Connecter Mechanical Splicer

GAOTek fast connecter mechanical splicers are used for fast splice and perform well. Mechanical splicer can realize mechanical splice, compared with the traditional hot melt technology.

GAOTek Fast Splicing Machine

GAOTek Fast Splicing Machine implements industrial-grade CPU+FPGA structure of high-performance, completely fresh HD optical fiber microscope, imported high-speed motor and aluminium-magnesium alloy materials extensively.

GAOTek Fault Locator FTTH Fusion Splicer

GAOTek fault locator FTTH Fusion Splicer is a new generation of intelligent automatic fiber optic fusion splicing machine with 6 motor core alignment technology and automatic focus.

GAOTek Fiber Fox Mini Optic Splicer Machine

This Fiber Optic Splicer Machine has typical splicing time of 6 s and 9 s, heat time of 12 s, return loss of >60 dB, and 0.02 dB splicing loss.

GAOTek Fiber Fusion Machine

GAOTek fiber fusion machine is mainly aimed at users who focus on core alignment fusing applications.

GAO Tek’s fusion splicers have the following functions: 

  • Fiber Alignment: GAO’s fusion splicers use various alignment methods to position the fiber ends accurately before fusion. Our products ensure optimal light transmission between the fibers.   
  • Fusion Process: Our fusion splicer generates an electric arc or laser discharge to melt the fiber ends when fusion alignment has been done. The melted fibers are fused together, creating a seamless connection.  
  • Heating and Protection: GAO’s fusion splicers use heat to apply a protective sleeve or heat shrink tube around the splice point. This sleeve provides mechanical strength, protects the joint from environmental factors, and helps maintain optical performance. 
  • Loss Estimation: Our fusion splicers have built-in capabilities to estimate the splice loss by analyzing the optical characteristics of the fibers before and after fusion. Our product provides an estimation of the loss incurred during the splicing process. This helps technicians assess the quality of the splice. 
  • Splice Data Management: Our fusion splicers store splice data, including splice locations, splice loss, fiber type, and other relevant information. This data can be useful for documentation, troubleshooting, and future maintenance. 

GAO’s fusion splicers are rugged, versatile, and precision measurement and calibrating instruments. Our products comply with applicable industrial standards such as IEC 61300, IEC 60793, TIA/EIA-568, ITU-T G.652, ANSI/TIA-568-C.3, and NEMA TC 7. 

GAO fusion splicers help our customers comply with relevant U.S government regulations such as: 

  • National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) 
  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regulations 
  • National Electrical Code (NEC) 
  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standards 

GAO fusion splicers help our customers comply with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) 
  • Canadian Electrical Code (CEC) 
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) 
  • Industry-Specific Regulations 

GAO’s fusion splicers have the following applications:  

  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs): GAO’s fusion splicers are used for extending fiber optic networks to residential, commercial, and industrial areas. ISPs rely on fusion splicers to establish and maintain fiber optic connections for delivering high-speed internet services. 
  • Data Centers: Our fusion splicers help in data center infrastructure, where high-speed and reliable data transmission is crucial. Our products are used to splice fiber optic cables, ensuring efficient connectivity within the data center and between data centers. 
  • Cable TV Networks: GAO’s fusion splicers are utilized in cable TV networks to connect and repair fiber optic cables. Our products enable the distribution of high-quality video, audio, and internet services to subscribers. 
  • Research and DevelopmentOur fusion splicers are used in research and development laboratories for prototyping, testing, and evaluating fiber optic components and systems. Our products enable researchers to create and splice custom fiber configurations for various experimental purposes. 
  • Telecommunications: Our fusion splicers are used in the telecommunications industry for installing and maintaining fiber optic networks. Our products enable the splicing of optical fibers, allowing for seamless transmission of voice, data, and video signals over long distances. 

Our fusion splicers can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada, and can be shipped globally.