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Fiber Fusion Splicers

Recognized as one of the major players in the global fusion splicer market by leading industry research providers, GAOTek offers a wide range of high-quality and technologically superior fiber fusion splicers. GAOTek fusion splicers are user-friendly, light-weight, rugged but reliable and highly accurate products which help seamless fusion of two fiber optic ends for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. The Fusion splicer not only joins fibers with high level of accuracy but also reduces losses to its lowest level. These fiber fusion splicers constructed with cutting-edge technology are ideal for fiber splicing of trunk lines and FTTx environment.

Designed to meet the rigors of use in the field, our devices can be used in the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber networks. They are not only cost effective but also provide performance much better than the other expensive units.

We provide innovative, high-performance, feature-packed solutions for your fusion splicing needs that too at very affordable prices setting us apart from competitive alternatives.

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Functions of the Fiber Fusion Splicers

Fiber fusion splicers utilize the optical image system which is made out of two high-accuracy video cameras to remove optical fiber pictures and display pictures on the screen. After that, they compute and dissect the picture through the processor CPU and give relative information. At that point, the fusion splicers make minute conformity to fiber positions until they are appropriately adjusted by the data and prompts. During the alignment process, technicians can see the fiber alignment through video cameras. After strands have been legitimately situated, the devices utilize an electronic arc to melt two optical fibers together at their end countenances, to frame a solitary long fiber. The subsequent joint, or fusion splice, for all time, joins the two glass strands end to end so that optical light flags can go from one fiber into the other without losses. Evaluated splice loss tests are then performed.


GAO Tek's fusion splicers have single or simultaneous X and Y views and can automatically complete the entire process of fiber splicing in a few seconds. The reliable and light weight fusion splicers highlight huge colored LCD screens which permit them to work in a confined space and workplace. The high-quality LCD screens also work as battery indicators and notify users when the battery runs low. These high-performance apparatuses offer USB and VGA interfaces which make them convenient for downloading data and updating software. The devices also come with a weather-proofed container which helps users to protect their gadgets from dust and rain.

Applications and Industries
  • GAO Tek’s fiber fusion splicers can be used in industries such as aerospace and defense, broadcast electric utility, fiber optic components and equipment manufacturing, installation and contractors, medical, mining, nuclear, oil and gas, security, service and content providers, and transportation.
  • These high-performance devices are also well suited for aerial applications, central office, data center, FTTX , MDUs, metro Ethernet, network infrastructure, security, splicing, and testing, and underwater and subsea.


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