Fusion splicers are used to melt two optical fibers end-to-end, thereby forming a single long fiber. The result is a permanently joined two glass fibers which allows a signal to pass from one to the other with little loss.

GAOTek fusion splicers are internationally-recognized as a leading high-quality design. Our high quality and technologically superior fiber fusion splicers are user-friendly, lightweight, and industrial-grade ensuring they can be applied in most rugged environments.

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This Fiber Fusion Splicer with Low Splicing Loss (Compact) is designed for fusing single and multimode fibers and causes low splicing loss and is widely used in construction of trunk line and FTTX networks.
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This Fiber Fusion Splicer with PAS Technology (FTTH) is equipped with PAS (profile alignment system) for precise core-to-core fiber alignment used for consistent low splice loss and accurate loss estimation for FTTH environment.
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Fiber Fusion Splicer with Various Splicing Modes is a light-weight device with a user-friendly interface. It uses innovative fiber imaging and digital design to produce a clear image.
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This High Precision Fusion Splicer with PAS Tech (3 in 1 Fixture) is specially designed for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fiber uses PAS technology for core to core alignment and features a 3 in 1 fixture.
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This product is a portable optical fiber splicer with very high magnification capabilities
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This optical fiber fusion splicer is designed for core-core and clad-clad alignment with PAS technology and 3-in-1 combination clamp with X and Y view or single X/Y view, dis-pays SOC available for typical 9 s
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This Digital Fusion Splicer is easy to operate, with low-fusion loss, fuses fast, allowing the fusion splicing to be finished within 9 seconds