Rugged Ohmmeters

GAO Tek rugged ohmmeters are robust instruments designed for durability in challenging environments. Our devices offer benefits such as resistance to harsh conditions, impact resistance, and reliability in demanding settings. Ideal for fieldwork, outdoor applications, and industries where equipment faces tough conditions. The rugged design ensures longevity, reducing the risk of damage and downtime. Professionals benefit from the instrument’s ability to withstand environmental stressors, providing reliable resistance measurements in various scenarios. Our rugged Ohmmeters are indispensable tools for those requiring durability and precision in challenging work environments, ensuring consistent performance in demanding conditions.
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GAOTek Micro Ohmmeter Contact Resistance

This Contact Resistance Ohmmeter offers high resolution, high-precision current, integrated design, 500 data memory, thermal printer, U disk storage.

GAOTek Micro Ohmmeter Intelligent

This Ohmmeter has Linear and rotary sensors, easy installation with large LCD screen. Multiple on-site point storage and built-in fast printer.

GAOTek Ohmmeter Insulation Resistance

This Ohmmeter offers measures insulation resistance with capacitance function, short-circuit protection, battery-powered, dual display.