Handheld Mixed Oscilloscopes

GAO Tek’s Handheld Mixed Oscilloscopes offer a portable solution for on-the-go electronic measurements. With a compact and rugged design, these devices integrate the features of a traditional oscilloscope with versatility for fieldwork, troubleshooting, and quick measurements. Battery operation, user-friendly interfaces, and wireless connectivity make them ideal for technicians and engineers working in diverse environments, providing convenience, durability, and efficient on-site diagnostics.
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GAO Tek Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

SKU: GAO Tek MSO-105
GAO Tek Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes are advanced test and measurement devices that combine the capabilities of analog oscilloscopes and digital logic analyzers.

GAOTek 100 MHz Mixed Signal Oscilloscope

GAOTek Mixed Signal Oscilloscope is a powerful mixed signal oscilloscope with a bandwidth of 100MHz.

GAOTek Industrial Scope Meter Hand-Held Oscilloscope

GAOTek Industrial Scope meter Hand-held Oscilloscope work with confidence with this oscilloscope that offers simplified testing, more insight, faster electro-mechanical troubleshooting, and comes with 20 MHz of bandwidth.

GAOTek Portable Analog and Digital Oscilloscope Scope Meter

This Portable Analog and Digital Oscilloscope Scope meter has 200 MHz bandwidth, 1 GS/s rate range, and 5.6 in TFT color LCD Display.