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Ammonia Gas Detectors

Ammonia, also known as ammonium hydroxide, is a solvent commonly used in cleaning products although it can also be found as an ingredient in some food products and fertilizers. Ammonia detectors are designed to detect anhydrous ammonia (NH3) which is a form of ammonia in either pure gas or compressed liquid with no water. Anhydrous ammonia is found in cleaning fluids, explosives, and fertilizers, as well as in certain pharmaceuticals. Across several professions, ammonia presents a possible risk which is why ammonia gas detectors or NH3 gas detectors are so important.

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Perhaps more than any other industry using ammonia gas detectors are food and beverage companies. In the world of foods and beverages, there is constantly a risk of ammonia exposure as there’s ammonia used for refrigeration, flash freezing, and in bulk storage. In each of these, there’s a risk of gas release. Although technically flammable, ammonia can be tough to ignite however this is not where the risk is. Ammonia, as a gas, is an irritant and can cause suffocation. As ammonia concentration increases, the eyes and respiratory tract can irritate, eyelids can swell, throat becomes irritated, and at high concentrations, prolonged exposure can mean a fatality.

GAOTek ammonia gas detectors are some of the best in the industry and has everything a professional would want. No matter the environment they’re used in, you’ll always receive accurate readings on your NH3 gas detector. See precision and wide range gas readings, data recording capability, settable alarm warnings, smart probes, and all in a waterproof design ensuring harsh, damp, or wet environments aren’t a threat. To human beings, ammonia exposure is extremely toxic. If one comes into contact with it, they should be seen by a doctor. If there’s even a risk of ammonia exposure in your workplace, a gas detector like this is needed.

On a daily basis you can find GAOTek ammonia gas detectors used all over the world on fertilizer plants, poultry farms, in food processing, around refrigeration, and in chemical plants. Reliably detect ammonia with GAOTek’s ammonia gas detector today.

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