Splice Trays

GAO’s splice trays are specialized components used in telecommunications and fiber optic networks to organize and protect fiber optic cables and their splices. They typically consist of a tray with multiple slots or grooves where fiber optic splices can be securely placed. Splice trays help maintain the integrity and reliability of fiber optic connections by providing a structured and protected environment for splicing fibers together.

GAO’s splice trays are composed of splice holders, fiber routing guides, cover plates, and strain relief devices.

The other common names of splice trays are fiber trays, splice cassettes, fiber management trays, fiber optic organizers, fusion splice trays, optical splice trays, cable management trays, splice enclosures, fiber termination trays, patch trays, splice modules, optical fiber trays, splice panels, fiber distribution trays, and termination cassettes.

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This 12 core Fiber Optic Splice Tray (ODF module) is an integration melting module 12 core fiber optic splice tray.