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GBIC Transceivers

GBIC, otherwise known as ‘gigabit interface converter’, is a transceiver standard common to the application in Ethernet and fiber optic channels. GBIC transceivers are easy to use, compact in design, and made to function across different transmission distances. They are also hot-swappable, allowing components to be replaced without having to interrupt the system.

As a company specializing in advanced fiber optic products, you’ll find a large selection of GBIC transceivers on-sale to consider for your next fiber optic project. Designed for tough environments, you can enjoy speed and flexibility you won’t find anywhere else. All GBIC transceivers are SFF 8472 compliant.

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As an electrical interface, there are many advantages to using a GBIC transceiver. Using a one-gigabit port, everything from copper to single-mode optical fiber can be supported and sometimes up to hundreds of kilometers in length. Although GBIC transceivers were predominantly popular in the 1990s and early 2000s, they are still used today and in application in part due to their high-performance and flexibility.

Unlike a fixed physical interface, GBIC receivers can be purchased as needed and in accordance with the links required. Understandably, this is more cost-effective than the alternative. If you’re operating multiple different optical technologies simultaneously, GBIC transceivers are a necessity to their functioning. As an administrator, you have the flexibility to add and subtract as or when required.

When it comes to fiber optic transceivers, GBIC is a reliable choice for any Fast Ethernet (FE), BIDI, CWDM, or DWDM. Comparable to small form-factor pluggable (SFP), GBIC transceivers are offered in a wide variety of interface types and with each type operating in adherence with a specific optical fiber and wavelength. Always versatile and cost-effective, fiber channel applications and Ethernet are well served with a transceiver.

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