Laboratory LCR Meters

GAO Tek’s Laboratory LCR meters are specialized instruments designed for measuring and analyzing the electrical properties of passive electronic components, namely inductors (L), capacitors (C), and resistors (R). The term LCR refers to the three fundamental elements of electrical circuits. Our meters are commonly used in research and development laboratories, educational institutions, and manufacturing environments where precise and accurate measurements of electrical parameters are crucial. Some key features and benefits of our laboratory LCR meters include high accuracy and precision, wide frequency range, variable test signal levels, multiple measurement parameters, automatic and manual modes, data logging and analysis, versatility in component testing, calibration, and traceability.
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GAOTek Desktop Digital Bridge LCR meter

GAOTek desktop Digital Bridge LCR meter is a component tester with high performance and low price

GAOTek Digital LCR Meter ESR

GAOTek Digital LCR Meter series is a low-end LCR digital meter with new technology, high performance and low price, which can read test results more intuitively.

GAOTek High Frequency LCR Meter

GAOTek High Frequency LCR Meter is a powerful testing capabilities and superior measure performance makes the product into the international advanced level, with cheap prices it will give customers the enjoyment of a bargain.

GAOTek High Frequency Precision LCR Meter

GAOTek high frequency precision LCR meter is used for laboratory quality control and component parts sorting.

GAOTek High Precision LCR Meter

GAOTek high precision LCR Meter is a kind of multifunctional element parameters for the various electronic component’s inspection tester

GAOTek LCR Meter Testing Frequency (20 Hz to 1 MHz)

GAOTek LCR Meter is a kind of multifunctional element parameter for the various electronic component’s inspection tester.