Outdoor Infrared Thermometers

GAO Tek outdoor infrared thermometers are specialized devices designed to measure temperature from a distance using infrared technology specifically tailored for outdoor use. The emphasis on the outdoors underscores the specific benefits associated with their application in external environments. Here are the key advantages of our outdoor infrared thermometers: non-contact temperature measurement, fast and immediate readings, versatile applications, safety in hazardous environments, remote and inaccessible areas, weather resistance, energy efficiency, and user-friendly operation.
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GAOTek Industrial Thermal Imager

SKU: GAOTek-ITI -107
Features Infrared Resolution 2 Megapixel digital with 2x, 4x digital zoom Image blending and Picture in Picture Battery replaceable Interface

GAOTek Infrared Thermometer with Image Manager (Wide Measurement)


This Infrared Thermometer with Image Manager (Wide Measurement) is a real time thermal imager used by fire fighters and with the wide Temperature measurement range from -4 °F~+1112 °F(-20 ℃~+600 ℃).