Handheld Flaw Detectors

GAO Tek’s handheld flaw detectors are portable and user-friendly non-destructive testing instruments, designed for on-the-go flaw detection in various industries. With easy maneuverability and accessibility to confined spaces, these devices offer efficient and versatile inspections. Their portability reduces downtime, making them ideal for fieldwork, maintenance, and on-site testing. The handheld design, coupled with user-friendly controls, ensures accessibility for operators with varying expertise levels. Overall, these instruments provide a flexible and effective solution for comprehensive flaw detection in manufacturing, construction, and infrastructure applications.
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GAOTek Digital ultrasonic flaw meter(master-slave menu)

This Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Meter (Master-Slave Menu) is designed with advanced technology digital multicolour TFT LCD with a material velocity in the range from 1000 m/s to 9999 m/s.

GAOTek Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

This Portable Ultrasonic Flaw detector has Frequency Range of 0.5 Mhz to 20 Mhz, Testing Range of 0 in to 393 in and 100 V to 240 V power adapter.

GAOTek Portable Ultrasonic Flaw Detector for NDT Testing

GAOTek portable ultrasonic flaw detector for ndt testing is specially designed for engineering personnel use on nondestructive testing.

GAOTek Radio Flaw Detectors

GAOTek radio flaw detectors are essential for detecting pipelines (oil, gas, water, etc.) and cables (electricity, telecommunication) used by organizations in pipeline management, municipal planning, and construction.

GAOTek Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

GAOTek ultrasonic flaw detector offers you the performance and features of a tabletop ultrasonic detector in a small, ultra to portable handheld instrument weighing less than 2 pounds (907 grams) for maximum portability in the field.

GAOTek Universal Remote Camera Flaw Detector

This Universal Remote Camera Flaw Detector has 5 in touch LCD display, 32 GB storage, battery life of more than 4 hours and view angle of 120 °.

Flaw Detector with Three Scale plate (Two-Input Mode)

GAO Tek Thermocouple Calibrator calibrates thermocouple measuring with optional temperature unit select.