Zigbee modules are compact wireless communication devices based on the Zigbee protocol, featuring a microcontroller unit, radio transceiver, and Zigbee firmware. Operating on low power, these modules facilitate short-range, low-data-rate communication, forming mesh networks where devices act as routers to relay messages. Widely used in IoT applications like home and industrial automation, they offer secure, energy-efficient connectivity and come in various form factors, including surface-mount and standalone modules with integrated antennas, supporting diverse network topologies and data rates. 

Depending on their functions and applications, Zigbee modules for IoT may also be called
Zigbee transceivers, Zigbee communication modules, Zigbee network adapters, Zigbee coordinators, Zigbee end devices, Zigbee routers, Zigbee gateways, Zigbee mesh modules, Zigbee sensor nodes, and Zigbee development kits. 

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GAOTek Antenna Stick

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-287
GAOTek Antenna Stick is a universal Zigbee USB stick.

GAOTek AT Command ZigBee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-170
GAOTek AT Command ZigBee is optimized for low power wireless communication with on‐chip dual image Over the Air Download (OAD) support.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-159
This bluetooth beacon has chip of nordic nRF 52832, battery of CR 2032, material of ABS, work temperature of 32 °F to 217 °F, distance of 50 meters.

GAOTek Bluetooth Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-104
This Bluetooth Gateway has camera of 3 MP to 7 MP, working humidity of 5% RH to 90% RH, operating system of android, and size of 10.10 in.

GAOTek Breath Detection Microwave Motion Sensor

GAOTek Breath Detection Microwave Motion Sensor is the human presence detection sensor radar module based on 5.8 GHz frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW), which is used to detect human movement, micro-movement, breathing signals

GAOTek Cellular Gateway

GAOTek Cellular Gateway is an all-in-one networking device designed for loT gateway developers, combining the functionality of a router and a gateway, making it an ideal solution for ISPs as it allows them to provide multiple functions in a single device, thereby reducing equipment and maintenance costs.

GAOTek Control Server

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-101
GAOTek control server is a kind of Ethernet Zigbee iOT gateway.

GAOTek Crystal Panel Zigbee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-187
This Crystal Panel Zigbee has max current of 10 A, max voltage of 250 V, and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK of security mechanism.

GAOTek Device Wireless Remote Control

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-164
GAOTek Device Wireless Remote Control is a mini–Smart Gateway that Tuya develops.

GAOTek Door and Window Opening Sensor Zigbee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-116
GAOTek Door and Window Opening Sensor Zigbee is designed to secure the perimeter of the residential premise and provide the ability to add various automation services.

GAOTek Driver Laser

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-171
GAOTek driver laser is a single-line LiDAR developed for medium and low-speed scenarios.

GAOTek Gas Touchscreen Thermostat

GAOTek touchscreen thermostat (EU) makes it easier and smarter to control your household temperature and hot water status

GAOTek Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-199
GAOTek gateway can share your connection device with your family up to 10.

GAOTek Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-284
GAOTek Gateway is a hub that connects to a variety of ZigBee smart products and is the bridge, as well as a control center for smart homes, which plays an irreplaceable role for all ZigBee products.

GAOTek Gateway Bridge

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-195
This gateway bridge has working temperature of 14 °F to 131 °F, working humidity of 10% RH to 90% RH, and compatible device amazon alexa.

GAOTek Home Gateway ZigBee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-121
This Home Gateway Zigbee has network of wireless 802.11 b, g, n, live and neutral wire interface and display of 4 in HD IPS

GAOTek Home Iot Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-109
This Zigbee Home Iot Gateway has working humidity of 10% RH to 90% RH, working temperature of 14 °F to 131 °F, and application of home automation.

GAOTek Home Lock Device IOT Wireless

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-166
This Home Lock Device IoT Wireless has Tx power of 0 dbm to 22 dbm, ANT type of IPX4 Antenna, and work temperature of -40 °F to 185 °F.

GAOTek Home Wall Touch Zigbee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-190
This Home Wall Touch Zigbee has access voltage of 100 V to 250 V, minimum current of 10 A, and fireproof PC housing material.

GAOTek Iot Control Center

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-108
This Iot Control Center has zigbee standard of zigbee 3.0, working frequency of .40 GHz to 2.48 GHz, and working humidity of 10% RH to 90% RH.

GAOTek Iot Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-106
GAOTek Zigbee Iot Gateway is a tough and programmable IoT Gateway designed for the IoT Gateway Developer and provides complete protection against dust and water.

GAOTek Iot Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-110
This Zigbee Iot Gateway has operating temperature of -4 °F to 113 °F, operating humidity of 10% RH to 90% RH, storage temperature of 41 °F to 86 °F.

GAOTek IoT Sensor

GAOTek ZigBee IoT Sensor system offers online environmental monitoring with 2 temperature and 2 temperature-humidity wireless sensors, allowing placement in various locations.

GAOTek IOT Smart Home Zigbee Wireless Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-167
This IoT Smart Home Zigbee Wireless Gateway has power input of 5V 1A, working power less than 1A, and working temperature of 14 °F to 131 °F.

GAO’s Z-wave modules for IoT are composed of:  

  • Zigbee Chipset 
  • Antenna 
  • Power Management Circuitry 
  • Memory (Flash Memory, RAM) 
  • Interfaces (UART, SPI, I2C, GPIO) 
  • Firmware 
  • Security Features (Encryption, Authentication) 
  • Form Factor 
  • Certifications 


GAO Tek’s Zigbee modules for IoT have the following functions: 

  • Wireless Communication: Zigbee modules facilitate wireless communication between IoT devices within a Zigbee network, allowing them to exchange data and commands.
    Network Formation: Zigbee modules support the formation of Zigbee networks, including star, mesh, and cluster tree topologies, allowing devices to join and communicate within the network. 
  • Device Coordination: Zigbee modules can act as coordinators, routers, or end devices within a Zigbee network, coordinating communication and routing data between devices to ensure efficient network operation. 
  • Data Transmission: Zigbee modules transmit data packets containing sensor readings, control commands, status updates, and other information between IoT devices, enabling monitoring, control, and automation functionalities. 
  • Mesh Networking: Zigbee modules support mesh networking, where devices can relay data through neighboring devices, extending the network range and improving reliability by providing multiple communication paths. 
  • Low-Power Operation: Zigbee modules are designed for low-power operation, allowing IoT devices to operate on battery power for extended periods without frequent battery replacements, making them suitable for energy-efficient IoT applications. 
  • Security: Zigbee modules incorporate security features such as encryption, authentication, and key management to ensure secure communication and protect against unauthorized access and data breaches. 
  • Interoperability: Zigbee modules adhere to Zigbee Alliance standards, ensuring interoperability with other Zigbee-certified devices from different manufacturers, and promoting ecosystem compatibility and device interoperability. 
  • Firmware Updates: Zigbee modules may support firmware updates over-the-air (OTA), allowing for remote updates to improve functionality, fix bugs, or address security vulnerabilities without requiring physical access to the devices. 


GAO Tek’s Zigbee modules for IoT are rugged, versatile, and precise devices. They comply with applicable industry standards such as: 

  • Zigbee Alliance Standards 
  • IEEE 802.15.4 
  • Regulatory Compliance Standards (e.g., FCC, CE) 
  • Wireless Communication Standards (e.g., Bluetooth Low Energy, Wi-Fi) 
  • Security Standards 
  • Industrial Protocols (e.g., Modbus, BACnet, OPC UA) 
  • Energy Efficiency Standards 


Our Zigbee modules for IoT help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as: 

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations 
  • Radio Frequency Exposure Limits 
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements 
  • Equipment Authorization procedures 
  • Wireless Telecommunications Bureau (WTB) regulations 
  • Testing and Certification standards 


Our Zigbee modules for IoT help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as: 

  • Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada (ISED) regulations 
  • Radio Equipment Standards 
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) requirements 
  • Testing and Certification standards 
  • Industry Canada Certification 


Our Zigbee modules for IoT may also be called, Zigbee transceivers, Zigbee communication modules, Zigbee network adapters, Zigbee coordinators, Zigbee end devices, Zigbee routers, Zigbee gateways, Zigbee mesh modules, Zigbee sensor nodes, and Zigbee development kits have the following applications: 

  • Smart Home Automation: Zigbee modules are widely used in smart home devices such as smart lights, thermostats, door locks, sensors (motion, temperature, humidity), and smart plugs. They enable seamless communication and control between different devices, allowing users to monitor and automate their home environment remotely. 
  • Industrial Automation: In industrial settings, Zigbee modules are employed for monitoring and controlling equipment, machinery, and processes. They facilitate wireless sensor networks for condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, asset tracking, and environmental monitoring in factories, warehouses, and manufacturing plants. 
  • Healthcare Monitoring: Zigbee modules are utilized in healthcare applications for remote patient monitoring, wearable health trackers, and medical device connectivity. They enable the transmission of vital signs, patient data, and alerts to healthcare providers, improving patient care and enabling early intervention. 
  • Smart Agriculture: In agriculture, Zigbee modules are deployed for precision farming, crop monitoring, and livestock tracking. They enable the collection of environmental data such as soil moisture, temperature, and humidity, helping farmers optimize irrigation, fertilization, and pest control practices. 
  • Building Automation: Zigbee modules play a crucial role in building automation systems for commercial and residential buildings. They facilitate energy management, lighting control, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) optimization, and occupancy sensing, enhancing comfort, energy efficiency, and operational efficiency. 
  • Asset Tracking and Management: Zigbee modules are used for asset tracking and management in logistics, transportation, and supply chain operations. They enable real-time tracking of goods, inventory management, and asset monitoring, improving visibility, efficiency, and security throughout the supply chain. 
  • Smart Cities: In smart city initiatives, Zigbee modules are deployed for various applications such as smart street lighting, traffic management, waste management, environmental monitoring, and public safety. They enable city-wide sensor networks for data collection, analysis, and optimization of urban infrastructure and services. 
  • Wireless Sensor Networks: Zigbee modules are utilized to create wireless sensor networks for diverse applications, including environmental monitoring, structural health monitoring, smart grids, and wildlife tracking. They enable cost-effective, scalable solutions for collecting and transmitting sensor data in remote or inaccessible locations. 

More detailed information on such applications in various industries can be found https://gaotek.com/applications-of-z-wave-for-iot-modules-in-industrial-automation 


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All IoT products, including RFID products, are offered by GAO RFID Inc. and GAO Tek Inc., members of GAO Group, with the same SKU but a different pre-fix. Furthermore, GAO RFID Inc. offers comprehensive RFID, IoT & drone software, systems and solutions. 


Our Zigbee modules for IoT can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada from a nearby warehouse in the U.S. or Canada and can also be shipped globally.