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GAOTek Aluminum Border Smart ZigBee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-218
This Aluminum Border Smart ZigBee has High-Quality PC panel material, High-Quality Brass and PC, Metal Holder inside material, and max current of 10 A.

GAOTek Antenna Stick

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-287
GAOTek Antenna Stick is a universal Zigbee USB stick.

GAOTek AT Command ZigBee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-170
GAOTek AT Command ZigBee is optimized for low power wireless communication with on‐chip dual image Over the Air Download (OAD) support.

GAOTek Bluetooth Beacon

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-159
This bluetooth beacon has chip of nordic nRF 52832, battery of CR 2032, material of ABS, work temperature of 32 °F to 217 °F, distance of 50 meters.

GAOTek Bluetooth Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-152
GAOTek bluetooth gateway is designed for indoor positioning, assent tracking, personnel positioning, and other industrial applications.

GAOTek Bluetooth Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-104
This Bluetooth Gateway has camera of 3 MP to 7 MP, working humidity of 5% RH to 90% RH, operating system of android, and size of 10.10 in.

GAOTek Breath Detection Microwave Motion Sensor

GAOTek Breath Detection Microwave Motion Sensor is the human presence detection sensor radar module based on 5.8 GHz frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW), which is used to detect human movement, micro-movement, breathing signals

GAOTek Cellular Gateway

GAOTek Cellular Gateway is an all-in-one networking device designed for loT gateway developers, combining the functionality of a router and a gateway, making it an ideal solution for ISPs as it allows them to provide multiple functions in a single device, thereby reducing equipment and maintenance costs.

GAOTek Cellular Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-281
GAOTek Cellular Gateway is a reliable and versatile IoT Gateway that is a great alternative to Raspberry Pi for IoT Gateway Developers.

GAOTek Control Server

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-101
GAOTek control server is a kind of Ethernet Zigbee iOT gateway.

GAOTek Coordinator Router

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-192
This coordinator router has programable of easy programming with flash tool webpage, Color of White, and multiple wireless protocols.

GAOTek Crystal Panel Zigbee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-187
This Crystal Panel Zigbee has max current of 10 A, max voltage of 250 V, and WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK of security mechanism.

GAOTek Curtain Switch

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-290
GAOTek Curtain Switch has good substitution for one more new smart roller blinds switch to work with your traditional roller blinds switch to realize intelligence.

GAOTek Device Wireless Remote Control

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-164
GAOTek Device Wireless Remote Control is a mini–Smart Gateway that Tuya develops.

GAOTek Door and Window Opening Sensor Zigbee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-116
GAOTek Door and Window Opening Sensor Zigbee is designed to secure the perimeter of the residential premise and provide the ability to add various automation services.

GAOTek Door Switch

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-174
GAOTek door switch is based on Wi-Fi wireless control, it works with Tuya smart or smart life Application.

GAOTek Driver Laser

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-171
GAOTek driver laser is a single-line LiDAR developed for medium and low-speed scenarios.

GAOTek Edge Computing Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-151
GAOTek edge computer gateway is a programmable IoT gateway designed for the IoT gateway developer.

GAOTek Electric Voltage Meter Zigbee

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-186
GAOTek Electric Voltage Meter Zigbee is used to remotely turn on/off lights or small appliances with a mobile phone.

GAOTek Ethernet Programmable Linux Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-102
GAOTek Zigbee Ethernet Programmable Linux Gateway is an IoT gateway with multiple protocol and edge computing functions.

GAOTek Gas Touchscreen Thermostat

GAOTek touchscreen thermostat (EU) makes it easier and smarter to control your household temperature and hot water status

GAOTek Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-199
GAOTek gateway can share your connection device with your family up to 10.

GAOTek Gateway

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-284
GAOTek Gateway is a hub that connects to a variety of ZigBee smart products and is the bridge, as well as a control center for smart homes, which plays an irreplaceable role for all ZigBee products.

GAOTek Gateway Bridge

SKU: GAOTek-ZB-195
This gateway bridge has working temperature of 14 °F to 131 °F, working humidity of 10% RH to 90% RH, and compatible device amazon alexa.