Environmental Refractometers

GAO Tek’s environmental refractometers are handheld devices used to measure the refractive index of a liquid sample, typically in the context of environmental analysis. The refractive index is a property that describes how light propagates through a substance, and it can provide valuable information about the composition or concentration of dissolved solids or compounds in the liquid. These refractometers work by measuring the degree to which light bends or refracts when passing through a liquid sample. By comparing this bending to known reference values, the refractometer can provide a quantitative measurement of the sample’s refractive index, which is then correlated to the desired parameter or property.


GAO’s environmental refractometers are composed of prism/sample well, light source, optical system, detector, refractive index scale, temperature compensation, casing/controls, and power source.

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This ‘Coolant Refractometer (High Accuracy, Alarm Function)’ is a digital refractometer which accurately measures the freezing point of substances such as propylene/ethylene glycol.
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This portable ‘Refractometer with Alarm (High Precision, Auto Shut Off)’ is designed for clinical applications such as measuring specific gravity of urine, total protein in serum or plasma, and refractive index.
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This Refractometer with Wide Measuring Range (3 Parameters) is a precise optical device specially designed to determine the water content in honey with three-scale measurement (water, Baume and Brix) which provides direct reading.
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This Refractometer with Wide Measuring Range (Alarm Function) is an optical refractometer which measures the brix concentration, refractive index or other parameters.
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This Digital Refractometer with ‘Wide Measuring Range (Auto Shut Off)’ is used to measure specific gravity and refractive index and works within a temperature range of 32 °F to 104 °F .
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This Refractometer with Wide Measuring Range (High Accuracy) is designed to measure the sugar content of an aqueous solution from 0 % to 95 % Brix.
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This Salinity Refractometer(High Precision, Auto Shut Off) is used to measure brix concentration, salinity and refractive index and works within a temperature range of 32°F to 104°F and has an automatic shut off function after 3 minutes.
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This Wine Refractometer (High Accuracy, Auto Shut Off) is specially designed to measure the sugar contents in wine with four scale parameters Mass SW % (Brix), Probable Alcohol (AP), Oechsle (German) and KMW (Babo).
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GAOTek Refractometer with Alarm measures temperature for liquid refraction with high resolution and accuracy and supports alarm for low voltage
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GAOTek Light-Weight Refractometer is a small-sized device for measuring solution’s refraction index of under different temp and saves energy (over 8000 times).