Cup Anemometers

GAO Tek Cup anemometers are a type of mechanical anemometer designed to measure wind speed. They consist of three or more cups mounted at the ends of horizontal arms, which are attached to a central vertical shaft. As the wind blows, the cups rotate, and the speed of rotation is directly proportional to the wind speed. Here are the key features and benefits of cup anemometers: direct wind speed measurement, consistent performance, and durability in harsh environments. They are also cost-effective, compatible with data loggers, and have a long history of use.
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GAOTek Anemometer

GAOTek Anemometer is a state-of-the-art device for accurately measuring wind speed in various weather conditions. Its advanced sensor technology, user-friendly interface, and compact design make it suitable for professionals and enthusiasts alike.

GAOTek Digital Anemometer

Features High-definition character liquid crystal display screen with friendly man-machine interface High wind speed, high measuring precision of wind direction,

GAOTek Anemometer with D298Velocity Probe (Directional Probe)

This Anemometer with D298 Velocity Probe (Directional Probe) has a multifunctional measurement units to measure the air velocity in the range from 0.4 m/s to 45.0 m/s