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GBIC BIDI Transceivers

GAO Tek supplies a remarkable collection of high performance GBIC BiDi transceivers compliant with SFF 8472 standards for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally.


GBIC is a standard widely used for Gigabit Ethernet and fiber channel. Our GBIC BiDi transceivers are used with single mode fiber and are compliant with the SFP MSA (Small Form Factor Pluggable Multi Source Agreement). They make use of WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technology for transmission and reception over a single fiber.


GAO Tek’s GBIC BiDi transceivers are cost effective and efficient swappable devices that are SFF 8472 and RoHS compliant. The transmitter section of our GBIC BiDi transceivers uses a DFB laser transmitter. These SC/UPC type pluggable optical interface transceivers have an operating temperature range from 32°F to +158°F (0°C to +70°C), and are built for low power dissipation and low EMI.


Key applications include:

  1.          Switch to Switch Interface
  2.          Gigabit Ethernet
  3.          Switched Backplane Applications
  4.          Router/Server Interface
  5.          Other Optical Links

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