Coating and Material Thickness Gauges with Two Point Calibration

GAO Tek’s coating and material thickness gauges with two-point calibration are specialized tools designed for precise measurements of coating thickness and material thickness on various surfaces. Some key features and benefits of coating and material thickness gauges with two-point calibration are precision and accuracy, customization for varied surfaces, enhanced measurement confidence, adaptability to environmental changes, quality assurance, versatility in measurement settings, reduced measurement errors, and time efficiency.
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GAOTek Coating Thickness Gauge

This Coating Thickness Gauge has 0.059 in to 0.787 in measuring range, LCD, dual 1.5 V AA batteries and calibrations of one point or two points.

GAOTek Precise Coating Thickness Gauge

GAOTek precise coating thickness gauge is a handy pocket gauge designed for non-destructive, fast and precise coating thickness measurement.

Coating Thickness Gauge with Memory (Two-Point Calibration)

Key Features Specifications Key Features LED Backlight Stand-By time is 150 hours Built-in high speed thermal printer Technical Specifications Measuring

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge with Two-point Calibration

Key Features Automatic calibrate zero point, can revise system error Can set the out of the tolerance alarm of the