Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (OADM)

GAO’s optical add-drop multiplexers (OADM) are devices used in optical fiber communication systems to selectively add (insert) or drop (remove) individual wavelengths of light signals at specific points in the network. OADMs are used in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems, where multiple wavelengths of light are transmitted simultaneously over a single optical fiber. Our optical add-drop multiplexers enable the efficient and flexible management of optical signals in a DWDM system. By adding or dropping specific wavelengths at different network nodes, OADMs allow for the selective routing of signals, enabling network operators to add or remove traffic at specific locations without affecting the entire system.

GAO’s optical add-drop multiplexers are composed of multiplexers, demultiplexers, control and management interfaces optical switches, optical filters, and fiber optic connectors.

The other common names of OADM are optical add-drop multiplexing, optical channel drop/add, wavelength-selective add-drop, wavelength-selective multiplexer, DWDM add-drop, selective wavelength routing, optical demultiplexer, OXC with add-drop functionality, and WSS with add-drop capability.

GAOTek Add Drop Multiplexer

GAOTek add drop multiplexer is a low cost WDM transmission technology for man access layer


GAOTek channel DWDM OADM offers cost-effective solutions facilitating the expansion of existing fiber capacity.

GAOTek Channel WDM Filter Device OADM

GAOTek channel WDM filter device OADM is a compact coarse wavelength division multiplexer.

GAOTek Channels Optic DWDM Multiplexer

This Channels Optic DWDM Multiplexer has operating temperature range of 32 °F to 158 °F, channel ripple of 0.5 dB, and directivity of 50 dB.

GAOTek Chassis with Fan OADM Transmission

GAOTek chassis with fan OADM transmission has flexible networking and access capabilities.

GAOTek Communication Equipment OADM

GAOTek communication equipment OADM is based on the membrane filter technique and proprietary non-flux metal bonding micro-optics packaging design, within ITU wavelengths to achieve uplink and downlink

GAOTek CWDM OADM Optical Add Drop Multiplexer

This CWDM OADM Optical Add Drop Multiplexer has operating temperature of -4 °F to 158 °F, wavelength of 1310 nm or1330 nm, and return loss of >45 dB.

GAOTek Demultiplexer ITU Grid

GAOTek demultiplexer ITU grid is mainly used for the optical signal long-haul transmission.

GAOTek Dual Fiber 1260 ~ 1620 nm OADM

This Dual Fiber 1260 ~ 1620 nm OADM is designed for dual fiber applications and is used in metro ring fiber network and telecommunications.

GAOTek DWDM Add/Drop Module OADM

GAOTek DWDM add/drop module OADM delivers a cost-effective and compact solution, ensuring a highly stable and reliable bandwidth.

GAOTek DWDM Multiplexer With SC/APC Connector

GAOTek DWDM multiplexer with SC/APC connector allows adding new wavelength channels to an existing multi-wavelength WDM signal or removing channels, passing signals to another network path.

GAOTek Ethernet Optical Transceiver Multiplexer

GAOTek ethernet optical transceiver multiplexer is a Powerful dedicated digital multiplexing function of the apparatus used in the chip.

GAOTek Fiber Optic OADM Transmission

GAOTek fiber optic OADM transmission supports Dual AC or DC or AC + DC power supply, it is high reliability for Low power consumption and outdoor application.

GAOTek Fiber Optical Converter Multiplexer

This Fiber Optical Converter Multiplexer has operating temperature range of 14 °F to 122 °F, ring frequency of 25 Hz, and return loss of 40 dB.

GAOTek MON Port DEMUX Multiplexer

This MON Port DEMUX Multiplexer has operating temperature range of 23 °F to 167 °F, wavelength of 4.30 ft, and channel ripple of 0.3 dB.

GAOTek Multi Service Optical Fiber Multiplexer

GAOTek multi service optical fiber multiplexer is an easy installation  and adjustment free device while providing high quality, real-time video.

GAOTek Multi Service Video Multiplexer

GAOTek multi service video multiplexer is widely used in Radio and Television,video conferencing,medical teaching,security monitoring and other high-demand industries.

GAOTek Multiplexer PDH Optical Converter

This Multiplexer PDH Optical Converter has working temperature range of 14 °F to 122 °F, humidity range of 5% RH to 95% RH, and sensitivity of -28 dBm.

GAOTek Mux Demux ABS Box OADM

This Mux Demux ABS Box OADM has maximum power handling of 300 mW, channel spacing of 20 nm, return loss of >45 dB, and directivity of >50 dB.

GAOTek OADM Add Drop Multiplexer

GAOTek OADM add drop multiplexer utilizes thin film coating technology, enabling optical add and drop functions at ITU wavelengths.

GAOTek OADM Mix Transmission

This OADM Mix Transmission has a max chassis slot of 20device power of 50 to 300 W and commercial temperature range of 23 °F to 158 °F. 

GAOTek OADM Module Channels Transmission

This OADM Module Channels Transmission has port of 16humidity range of 5 to 95 %, and  storage temperature range of –40 °F to 185 °F. 

GAOTek OADM Multiplexer Data Fiber Transmission

GAOTek OADM multiplexer data fibre transmission has flexible networking and access capabilities.

GAOTek OADM Single Fiber Transmission

This OADM Single Fiber Transmission has a wavelength of 1310 nm, insertion loss of 2.4 dBm and commercial temperature range of -40 °F to 185 °F. 

GAO’s optical add-drop multiplexers have the following functions:

  • Multiplexing: GAO Tek’s optical add-drop multiplexers can combine multiple wavelengths of light signals onto a single optical fiber. This allows for efficient transmission of multiple signals over a single fiber, enabling high-capacity communication.
  • Demultiplexing: Our optical add-drop multiplexers can separate the combined wavelengths at the receiving end of the optical fiber. This process enables the individual wavelengths to be directed to their respective destinations or further processing.
  • Add/Drop functionality: One of the primary functions of our optical add-drop multiplexers is the ability to add or drop specific wavelengths of light signals at specific locations in the network. This feature allows network operators to selectively add or remove signals without affecting the entire network, providing flexibility in managing network traffic.
  • Selective wavelength routing: GAO’s optical add-drop multiplexers incorporate optical switches that enable the selective routing of wavelengths to different paths or destinations within the network. This allows for dynamic provisioning and reconfiguration of network connections as per the requirements.
  • Network restoration and protection: Our optical add-drop multiplexers are used in network resilience by providing alternate routing options in the event of a fiber cut or equipment failure. The optical switches can reroute traffic to bypass the affected segment, ensuring continuity of communication.

GAO Tek’s optical add-drop multiplexers are rugged, versatile, and precision measurement instruments. They comply with applicable industry standards such as ITU-T G.694.1, ITU-T G.694.2, ITU-T G.692, ITU-T G.709, Telcordia GR-253, and MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) Standards.

GAO Tek’s optical add-drop multiplexers help our customers comply with relevant U.S. government regulations such as:

  • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Regulations
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX)
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Guidelines

GAO Tek’s optical add-drop multiplexers help our clients in complying with relevant Canadian government regulations such as:

  • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) Regulations
  • Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA)
  • Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL)

GAO’s optical add-drop multiplexers have the following applications:

  • Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) Networks: GAO's optical add-drop multiplexers are used in DWDM networks, which transmit multiple wavelengths of light over a single optical fiber. OADMs allow for the selective adding or dropping of specific wavelengths at different network nodes, facilitating efficient wavelength management and flexible network configurations.
  • Network Flexibility and Scalability: Our optical add-drop multiplexers provide network operators with the ability to add or remove specific wavelengths at desired locations without affecting the entire network. This flexibility and scalability allow for dynamic provisioning of bandwidth, making it easier to accommodate changing traffic demands and optimize network resources.
  • Traffic Aggregation and Distribution: GAO Tek’s optical add-drop multiplexers are used in aggregating traffic from multiple sources onto a single fiber and distributing it to different destinations. By selectively dropping and adding wavelengths, OADMs enable the routing of specific signals to their intended endpoints, facilitating efficient traffic distribution within the network.
  • Network Restoration and Protection: GAO’s optical add-drop multiplexers contribute to network resilience by providing the ability to reroute traffic in the event of a fiber cut or equipment failure. By using optical switches, OADMs can redirect signals to alternate paths, ensuring continuity of communication and minimizing the impact of network disruptions.
  • Optical Service Provisioning: Our optical add-drop multiplexers are utilized in optical service provisioning, where specific wavelengths are assigned to individual customers or services. OADMs allow for the efficient allocation of wavelengths to different users, ensuring dedicated and reliable optical connectivity for various applications.

Our optical add-drop multiplexers can be shipped overnight within the continental U.S. and Canada and can be shipped globally.