Optical Add-Drop Multiplexers (OADM)

GAO’s optical add-drop multiplexers (OADM) are devices used in optical fiber communication systems to selectively add (insert) or drop (remove) individual wavelengths of light signals at specific points in the network. OADMs are used in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) systems, where multiple wavelengths of light are transmitted simultaneously over a single optical fiber. Our optical add-drop multiplexers enable the efficient and flexible management of optical signals in a DWDM system. By adding or dropping specific wavelengths at different network nodes, OADMs allow for the selective routing of signals, enabling network operators to add or remove traffic at specific locations without affecting the entire system.

GAO’s optical add-drop multiplexers are composed of multiplexers, demultiplexers, control and management interfaces optical switches, optical filters, and fiber optic connectors.

The other common names of OADM are optical add-drop multiplexing, optical channel drop/add, wavelength-selective add-drop, wavelength-selective multiplexer, DWDM add-drop, selective wavelength routing, optical demultiplexer, OXC with add-drop functionality, and WSS with add-drop capability.

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This Dual Fiber 1260 ~ 1620 nm OADM is designed for dual fiber applications and is used in metro ring fiber network and telecommunications.