High Precision Turbidimeters

GAO Tek high precision turbidimeters are specialized instruments designed to measure and quantify the turbidity of a liquid sample. Turbidity refers to the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by the presence of suspended particles, such as sediment, silt, or other contaminants. Our instruments are particularly crucial in applications where water quality assessment is essential, such as environmental monitoring, industrial processes, and water treatment facilities. Key features and benefits of high precision turbidimeters, with emphasis on their high precision capabilities, include accurate measurement, wide measurement range, sensitivity to low levels of turbidity, calibration and standardization, user-friendly interface, data logging and connectivity, compliance with standards, and quality control in industrial processes.
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GAOTek Electronic Portable Turbidimeter

GAOTek electronic portable turbidimeter employs light scattering principle, while the calibration solution uses formazin standard solution which is used internationally.

GAOTek High Precision Fluorescence Turbidity Sensor

This product High precision Fluorescence turbidity sensor adopts 90°scattering light principle, RS485 and standard Modbus, with a good advantage of wide range, self-cleaning and free maintenance

GAOTek High Precision Portable Digital Turbidimeter

GAOTek High Precision Portable Digital Turbidimeter is a cutting-edge device designed for precise turbidity measurements.

GAOTek High Precision Water Quality Analyzer

This product high precision water quality analyzer has 1 channel RS485 Modbus RTU standard protocol, 2 switches, program control output, and 5-channel 4-20 mA program setting output

GAOTEK Portable Digital Water Turbidity Meter

This product portable digital water turbidity meter has 2 to 5 points calibration, selectable 4 turbidity units, and 0 to 1100 NTU of range.  

GAOTek Portable Turbidimeter

GAOTek Portable Turbidimeter is a compact and portable device designed for measuring turbidity in various applications.

GAOTek Portable Turbidity Meter

GAOTek Portable turbidity meter Portable turbidity meter, up to 5 points calibration, selectable turbidity unit, and measurement mode

GAOTek Portable Turbidity Meter

GAOTek High precision digital surface roughness tester TR200 is an accurate surface finish measuring instrument that measures the surface roughness of a variety of machined parts, including planes, bevels, outer cylindrical surfaces, curved surfaces, small holes, grooves and axles.

GAOTek Portable Waterproof Industrial Optical Turbidity Sensor

GAOTek Industrial Optical Turbidity Sensor is a portable and waterproof device designed for online water turbidity monitoring.

GAOTek Scattered Light Turbidity Meter

GAOTek Scattered Light Turbidity Meter is for measuring the light scattering from the insoluble particles suspended in water or transparent liquid, and to quantitatively characterize the content of the suspended particulate matter.

GAOTeK Turbidity Sensor For Water Treatment

GAOTEK Turbidity sensor for water treatment has Many organic compounds dissolved in water that are absorbent to ultraviolet light

GAOTek Water Quality Analysis Turbidity Meter

This product water quality analysis turbidity meter has 90°F of scattered light method, Resolution of 0.1 NTU to 0.1 °F, and accuracy with 2 to 5% FS

GAOTek Water Turbidity Sensor

GAOTek output measure water turbidity sensor has turbidity measurements are generally used as a mechanism for monitoring process control either directly or as a surrogate to the lengthy gravimetric analysis for total suspended solids (TSS).

Turbidimeter with High Accuracy (Auto Power-Off)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features  AC & DC power supply, low power consumption, cabinet and handsome contour design, facilitating

Turbidimeter with High Accuracy (Low Power Consumption)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features  AC & DC power supply, low power consumption, cabinet and handsome contour design, facilitating