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Environmental Test Instruments

GAOTek offers a full portfolio of environmental instruments, which includes products designed to measure sound, light, water, time and solar energy. Our devices provide affordable environmental test solutions for monitoring and optimizing light levels, checking the moisture content and water damage, and controlling and maintaining water quality, distribution, and waste. Additionally, we offer products designed to ensure the air quality is safe, optimize the placement and performance of solar energy equipment, and other environmental monitoring functions.

Functions of Environmental Instruments

Environmental testers and meters are very important in industrial processes, warehouses, and of course in the private sector, for example in a house to determine interior and exterior climate and humidity in walls.

Our products cover a wide range of functionalities; some of them are equipped with conductance sensors and temperature sensors to test high purity water and perform automatic or manual temperature compensation. Other devices have quick calibration and real-time monitoring functions, used to monitor O2, CO, H2S, and combustible gasses and warn users of any bad situation.

Our environmental instruments are also an excellent solution for pipeline inspection and suitable for long-term usage. Furthermore, we present a selection of products design to measure pH/pX, ion concentration, and potential temperature.


GAO Tek´s environmental instruments are reliable, durable and well-constructed devices. Each of the products presents a variety of key features design to enhance their performance. Some of these features include led digital display, manual or automatic temperature compensation function, DJS-1C conductance sensor, 75 hours data record ability, quick calibration, lithium ion battery, and visual vibration and auditory alarm. Other features involve large LCD touch screen, RS232 and USB port, ability to measure pure water, and power failure protection functions.


These budget-friendly and high-performance products have a wide variety of applications in many different industries. Some of the business segments where our products have applications include hydroponics, aquaculture and freshwater systems, safety systems to use to detect gas leaks, within other industries.

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