Talk sets in fiber optics are used as a communication device in the installation, activation, and repair of optic fiber networks. The talk sets offered through GAOTek are high quality, easy to use, and ruggedly built so you know they’ll be reliable no matter the conditions your field work is in.


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Handheld, durable optical sets sold in pairs of 2 are used by GAOTek customers every day across the United States, Canada, and internationally. Enabling full duplex correspondence with low background noise, there’s no better way to communicate in the field.

Using talk sets, they combine elements of a digital optic phone and stabilized light source in a single unit. In addition, you’ll have fiber attenuation measurement functions and a wide dynamic range, which is key to having a high quality clear communication over a long transmission distance.

Conforming to the highest performance standards there is, GAOTek optical talk sets employ advanced cutting-edge technology to get the job done which doesn’t sacrifice affordability or functionality. See the same advantages other talk sets give you yet at a fraction of the cost.

Imagine clear digital voice transmission over a single fiber. Hands-free operation which makes communication convenient for technicians already using a headset or in speaker phone mode. GAOTek talk sets are a fiber instrument that will enhance any technician’s performance.

Enjoy high flexibility, unique power supply management with multi-way powering, and a design that’s robust, shock-proof, and splash-proof. Some of the most popular uses of fiber optic talk sets among GAOTek customers include for general voice communication needs over optical fiber links, for testing schedules not impacted by cell phone coverage, and for military and other secure locations.

Regardless of location, join the other fiber technicians who buy from GAOTek because they know we’re a brand they can rely on. Choose the fiber optic talk set appropriate to your needs and instantly eliminate communication barriers.


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This Optical Talk Set with Full Duplex (Fiber Attenuation) combines both the functions of a digital optical phone and a stabilized light source and comes with the fiber attenuation value testing feature.