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Optical Talk Sets

GAO Tek’s multi-function optical talk sets coordinate elements of both computerized optical telephones and balanced out the light source in one unit. The instruments are generally utilized as a part of the establishment, optical testing, and CATV and media transmission systems. They are also used in optical communication teaching and research. These optical telephone sets are proved as an assistance in attenuation measurement and insertion loss tests.

Functions of Multi-Function Optical Talk Sets

When doing the test work with optical telephone sets radio-based communications may not be suitable because of environmental conditions such as FCC restrictions. Fiber optic talk sets are designed to effectively function in such cases, as they could utilize the installed fiber optic link to carry voice communications. The optical talk sets can do full-duplex correspondence and transmission for long distance. Multifunction optical talk sets enable clear and long distance telephony on single optical fiber. They are featured with laser source and optical power meter for loss test. Multifunction optical talk sets are reliable toolsets for challenging environments.


These optical talk sets are rugged and provide high-quality voice communication over a single fiber. The hands-free operations are convenient. These talk sets are simple. Just press the talk button to send or receive a call. Furthermore, they have fully-duplex digital voice communication and they are not affected by distance. These talk sets are provided with stabilized light source and are stable in time and temperature. These devices also come with a large backlit LCD screen. These optical talk sets give low battery power sign and provide a durable battery for hours of flawless operation. Their two-way powering function automatically selects the best alternative among the choices of rechargeable battery and AC adapter. These optical talk sets are designed as dust, water, and shock proof.

Applications and Industries

One common application is where one person is giving instructions to another who is working on a system. Another situation is less common, is during restoration work. Here it may be preferable to use a clip-on probe, so a talk set can be clipped onto a link without accessing the end. These are reliable to a large extent, but may show an insertion loss of 15-30dB depending on the fiber acrylate coating.

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