Wireless Ohmmeters

GAO Tek wireless ohmmeters provide the flexibility of cable-free connectivity, offering benefits such as increased mobility, remote operation, and simplified data transfer. Ideal for applications where wired connections are impractical, such as fieldwork or situations requiring remote measurements. The wireless feature enhances efficiency, enabling professionals to conduct resistance measurements with ease and convenience. Whether in industrial settings or troubleshooting tasks, these ohmmeters empower users with the freedom of movement, streamlined workflows, and the convenience of remote data access, making them essential tools for those seeking versatile and adaptable resistance measurement solutions.
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GAOTek Milliohm Meter With Auto Shutdown (Internal, Manual Trigger)

This Handheld Milliohm Meter with Auto shutdown adopts high-performance 32-bit ARM processor which works with high accuracy for a wide measurement range from 10 uΏ to 20 MΏ.

Ohmmeter with Keypad Lock (Auto Power-Off)

This portable Ohmmeter with Keypad Lock (Auto Power-Off) function accurately measures electrical resistance between two points in a circuit by adopting a high-performance 32dgt ARM micro-processor

Milliohm Meter with Data Hold (Battery Identity Test)

This Milliohm with Data hold battery tester analyzes the degradation of the battery by testing the internal resistance and voltage ranging from 0.1 mΩ to 200 Ω, 0 - 50 V DC voltage.

Micro Ohmmeter With Temperature Compensation (SCPI)

This Micro Ohm Meter with built-in temperature compensation is used to test super low or low resistance and has accuracy of 0.1 % with measurement range 0.1 uΩ to 1.2 GΩ

Handheld Milliohm Meter (Four Terminal Measurement)

This Handheld AC Milliohm Meter with Four Terminal Measurement is designed as low-resistance meter and a voltmeter with a wide resistance measurement range from 0.01mΩ to 2kΩ and is suitable for assembly line tests for all kinds of batteries