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The RFID products are supplied by GAO RFID Inc., a sister company within GAO Group.

GAOTek proudly presents their wide-ranging and ever-growing variety of RFID products. RFID is an essential variety of devices used by many in the industries for tracing certain items. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is a technology that uses electromagnetic fields which help to automatically recognize and track tags attached to certain objects and subjects. These devices usually store information which can either be tracked or transmitted for specific purposes. From animal tags to credit cards, the daily use of RFID is not always evident but surely over the past few decades and the upcoming decades, it will be very necessary. The device has the ability to store information, track information and scan information within the device.

RFID tags are a commodity that is perceived as secure and efficient. Using both high and low-frequency passive tags or active tags, you can always find what you are looking for with the integration of near-field communications (NFC). This object is usually used to import or export information. They are often used in various industries which are involved with objects that utilize readers for animal tracking or security purposes. This information is crucial as in some instances this may detect if security is breached or if an animal has roamed away from their approved sector.


GAOTek has integrated a broad variety of little components into making their RFID tags. There are many components included in the following technological features of the RFID technology. The RFID tag is one of the main instruments used by many to obtain information or to give out information which is stored within an object or the actual device. This can read the locations, data, passwords etc. stored in a corresponding object of the RFID tag (scanner) or the tag itself. These items consist of an antenna or coil, which catch and send radio frequencies to and from the reader and the device itself. Lastly, another feature is the transceiver, which is implemented within the RFID tag to ensure a more efficient way to transmit and receive communications.


GAOTek RFID includes all but is not limited to following features listed below:

·        Portability and Accessibility - RFID technology was made with portability and accessibility in mind as this device is portable, compact, easy to use.

·        Automatic and Manual power down - Preferences are a big thing for GAOTek. This is why we incorporated the double option power down. You can manually turn off the device at any time or the Auto power off feature will take over if after 5 minutes from there has been no recorded activity from the user.

·        Memory Function - Our RFID technology has the Data hold function. This is put in place so an individual can go ahead and retrieve logged data. The function is basically used to remember a certain log within the data logger. This internal memory system is capable of holding previous records.

·       Storage – With the use of RFID, storage becomes expendable as much of the data you need stored can be stored in RFID readers and chips with amplend flexible space available for other data.

·       Tracking and Organization – A major part of RFID is the tracking of objects such as livestock and packages and the ability to organize them with ease. The tracking gives you peace of mind, knowing when your item will arrive or where you item is at all times.

·       Durability and Ruggedness– These tags are small and in most cases carry no weight and are flat like a piece of paper. So the devices are very durable and cannot easily be damaged. Also they remain functional under many to all circumstances.

·       Security – Security is a major part of why RFID tags, readers and chips are becoming so high in demand. With these devices being implemented in credit cards and other cash holding devices the encryption on these chips are extremely hard to crack unless the device is present.

·        Out of range Alert – This device has been given an out of range alert for when the object you are trying read is out of range. There is an Audio Alarm if the tag is out of range

·        Databases – The device has the ability to store full databases into a single RFID chip, which is revolutionary considering some databases are quite large


RFID are used in a multitude of different occupations and fields. Although this is the case, the most common occupations that use a RFID tag or chip is the security or tracking departments of certain companies. This happens because the companies rely heavily on the RFID as it is utilized to detect the whereabouts of packages or livestock or can be used as a way to securely have access to a multitude of different things. Without this device in place, the security of a company would automatically be significantly less mobile and would also be a lot harder to track things. Another very common use for the RFID is the use of NFC to pay with one’s phone. For example, the new features on apple and android devices using apple pay and android pay use RFID technology.

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