Dust & Waterproof Anemometers

GAO Tek Dust and waterproof anemometers are specialized instruments designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions, particularly exposure to dust, moisture, and water. Our robust devices offer several benefits due to their ability to operate effectively in harsh settings. Here are key features and advantages of dust and waterproof anemometers: rugged construction, water resistance, reliable performance in wet conditions, extended lifespan, versatility in outdoor environments, reduced maintenance requirements, and compliance with environmental standards.
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GAOTek Anemometer Professional Instrument

Features The anemometer has a large LCD display that shows the wind speed, wind gust, and other measurements. This makes

GAOTek Marine Equipment Anemometer

This Marine Equipment Anemometer has wind speed ranging from 2 m/s to 60 m/s, a 7-inch full touch LCD screen, a 24V power supply, and IP56 protection.

Anemometer with Temperature (Humidity, NTC Temp Sensor)

Specifications   Technical Specifications  Air speed plastic impeller (Φ30mm)  Tem NTC temperature sensor  Parameters m/s, km/h, fpm, kts, Bft. °F/°C,wind

GAOTek Anemometer with Humidity (Air Speed, Plastic Impeller)

This Anemometer with Humidity (Air Speed, Plastic Impeller) is designed to measure air speed and temperature and has the airspeed plastic impeller sensor with 30 mm diameter.