Visual fault locators are used to identify problems with your fiber. GAOTek visual fault locators typically are applied for fiber tracing, fiber routine, and continuity checking. Imagine being able to easily identify when and where a fiber is breaking, bending, or when there’s a threat to the fiber layer.


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Support an optimized fiber network, using a visual fault locator. Every day, our visual fault locators are used by technicians in-the-field and in rugged environments in the United States, Canada, and globally. A visual fault locator is a cost-effective way to get it done with complete mechanical connecting point detection and optimization.

Test your next fiber run using any of our visual fault locators. They work flawlessly to deliver accurate information even in low light and with a long battery life. The lightweight design also makes it easy to carry and not any trouble to throw in with any existing tools or equipment you have.

Without a visual fault locator, identifying pinched fibers, breakpoints, poor connections, bending, and bad splices are a guessing game and impossible to confirm. With a GAOTek visual fault locator, you have a level of certainty you can work from. In service to your fiber optic network, you’ll be pleased to have one to grab when you need it.

How a visual fault locator works is simple. Using a red laser, visible light is injected into an optical fiber. Then, when the red light shows through at a break, a technician can instantly spot the problem. For inexperienced technicians or anyone looking for some extra confirmation, a technician may choose to darken the area to better identify the damaged region of the fiber jacket.

GAOTek visual fault locators boast a strong performance, are highly accurate, and improve productivity at every turn. Regardless of the test conditions, you can rely on our visual fault locators to give you precise information. Low-cost, handheld visual fault locators come with a range of features and are competitively priced.


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This visual fault locator is designed for accurate testing results and supports up to 8 fiber fault discoveries with each measurement.


This visual fault locator integrates the functions of fiber identification and fault location of SM or MM fiber and features special laser for protection and gives stable power output in the low battery.


This Visual Fault Locator with Long Range (Long Battery) functions as a fiber identifier and fault locator of SM or MM fiber in a long range and can be used for long working hours for more than 10 hours continuously.


This visual fault locator integrates the functions of fiber identification and fault locating of SM or MM fiber over a long range.


This Visual Fault Locator is used to inspect fiber failure by connecting with the optical interface and locates faults in fiber breakage and winding.


This visual fault locator is a pen sized device which serves the function of fiber identification and faults locator for SM or MM fiber.


This rugged handheld visual fault locator can easily identify the cutting and micro-bending of an optic fiber and performs end-to-end fiber  identification for a measurement range of up to 3.10 miles


This pen style optical visual fault locator is designed for fiber optical identification and fault location and useful in the maintenance of fiber optical systems including LAN, FDDI, ATM, and telecom networks