Visual fault locators are used to identify problems with your fiber. GAOTek visual fault locators typically are applied for fiber tracing, fiber routine, and continuity checking. Imagine being able to easily identify when and where a fiber is breaking, bending, or when there’s a threat to the fiber layer.

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This visual fault locator is designed for accurate testing results and supports up to 8 fiber fault discoveries with each measurement.
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This visual fault locator integrates the functionsof fiber identification and fault location of SM or MM fiber and features special laserfor protection and gives stable power output in the low battery.
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This Visual Fault Locator with Long Range(Long Battery) functions as a fiber identifier andfault locator of SM or MM fiber in a long range andcan be used for long working hours for morethan 10 hourscontinuously.
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This visual fault locator integrates the functions of fiber identification and fault locating of SMor MM fiber over a long range.
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This Visual Fault Locator is used to inspect fiber failure by connecting with the optical interface and locates faults in fiber breakage and winding.
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This visual fault locator is a pen sized device which serves the function of fiber identification and faults locator for SM or MM fiber.
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This pen style optical visual fault locator is designed for fiber optical identification and fault location and useful in the maintenance of fiber optical systems including LAN, FDDI, ATM, and telecom networks