Industrial-grade oxygen gas detectors are essential to monitoring environments where oxygen levels could be potentially too low or too high as the case may be. As oxygen levels are compromised, there’s a risk of injury or death. Any time oxygen-levels fall below a certain percentage, e.g. 19.5%, notification or alarm is triggered. Browsing GAOTek’s selection of oxygen gas detectors, and oxygen and carbon dioxide gas detector combination units, you want this protection for your employees.

Built for everyday use among technicians and professionals, our oxygen gas detectors are durable, portable, and accurate. GAOTek’s gas detectors are already in use in facilities across the US, Canada, and globally. The most common use of our oxygen gas detectors is in confined spaces or those that are totally or partially closed not designed for permanent occupation.


If you wish to learn more about our oxygen gas detectors and meters or wish to receive a quote, please feel free to contact one of our experts click here.

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GAOTek Gas Detector for Oxygen detects concentration of oxygen gas, records data, and supports automatic zero point calibration by one press precisely.
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GAO Tek Gas Detector with built-in alarm enables technicians to detect various gases and is equipped with oxygen, toxic and combustible gas sensors.