Conductivity Testers with Resistivity Measurement

GAO Tek conductivity testers with resistivity measurement capability are instruments designed to assess the electrical resistivity of a material, often in the context of measuring the conductivity of liquids. Resistivity is the reciprocal of conductivity and refers to a material’s inherent ability to resist the flow of electrical current. The inclusion of a resistivity measurement feature in conductivity testers offers several benefits of comprehensive electrical property analysis, insight into material purity, monitoring water purity, quality control in electronics manufacturing, understanding material conductivity limits, corrosion monitoring in pipelines, customization for specific materials, research and development, and correlation with other properties.

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GAOTek Eddy Current Conductivity Tester

GAOTek eddy conductivity meter is the upgrading product which have the leading technology performance, can totally instead of the similar products overseas.

GAOTek Handheld Partial Discharge Tester

This handheld discharge tester has a built-in 12V lithium battery, a temperature range of 14–185 °F, and a built-in ultrasonic and TEV sensor.

Conductivity Meter with Resistivity Meter (TDS and Salinity)

This Conductivity Meter with Resistivity Meter (TDS and Salinity) is designed by 1 to 5 points push button calibration with automatic calibration solution recognition for accuracy of 0.5% F.S.

Auto-Calibration Conductivity Meter (Salinity, Resistivity)

GAO Tek Conductivity Meter with Auto-Calibration feature enables technicians to measure salinity, conductivity and resistivity levels accurately.