Sound Spectrum Analyzers

GAO Tek sound spectrum analyzers, often used in audio engineering and related fields, are specialized tools designed to analyze and visualize the frequency content of audio signals. these analyzers play a crucial role in understanding and optimizing the characteristics of sound, and their benefits are centered around various aspects of audio analysis and processing.  key features and benefits of a sound spectrum analyzer include: audio quality assessment, noise measurement, acoustic analysis, troubleshooting and diagnosis, calibration and equalization, frequency spectrum visualization, harmonic analysis, educational and training tools, frequency response optimization, and research and development.
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GAOTek Measuring Communication Spectrum Analyzer

Technical Specifications Central wavelength 635 nm± 10 nm Operating mode CW Output power > 1200 mW, 1300 mW,2000 mW Power

GAOTek Noise Spectrum Analyzer

GAOTek Noise Spectrum Analyzers are universal sound level meters and integrated sound level meters. They can also measure accumulated percentile sound levels, and They are spectrum analyzers that can measure 1/1 octave filter and 1/3 octave filter. They are universal sound level meters, integrated sound level meters.