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Fiber Optic Multimeters

Years ago, testing fiber optic connections required a fiber optic power meter and fiber optic light source. These two pieces of equipment were carried side-by-side and used together to verify a fiber optic connection was working.

These days, fiber topic multimeters have fused these two devices together into one. See an adequate multimeter test range, a wide typical working wavelength, and an optimized interface, output power, spectral width, output stability, and modulation frequencies.

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If you have a signal that’s not getting through to its destination or you suspect something is failing in your fiber optic system, a fiber optic multimeters is one way to analyze and identify where your fiber optics are failing. GAOTek fiber optic multimeters will derive accurate measurements, giving the technician an easy way to instantly determine an issue’s cause. Test fiber optics for continuity, optical loss, and more. For proper cable management and fiber optic system management, a fiber optic multimeter provides a high value.

GAOTek fiber optic multimeters provide accuracy in its readings and is complete with a feature-rich design. See the advantages of optical power meter modules and optical light source modules. Available for sale anywhere in the United States, Canada, and globally, these are rugged, portable devices that can be carried on the field without being cumbersome. A user’s already likely carrying with them enough of a load of tools and equipment. For this reason, ours are as lightweight as the design allows and still delivers a high quality performance. The tech inside also provides the support you need to ensure the appropriate wavelengths are being measured and all data results are automatically stored.

GAOTek fiber optic multimeters are used every day in several industries for the installation, maintenance, and testing of fiber optic networks. Enjoy the functionality of switching between functions in its control menu. All your day-to-day fiber network testing needs will be met through any of our fiber optic multimeters.

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