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Fiber Optic Multimeters

In the past, fiber optic power meters and fiber optic light source were considered two different devices and they combined as a fiber optic multimeter to assist in fiber optic tests. GAOTek now offers a wide range of accurate and feature-rich fiber optic multimeters which incorporate the functions of both an optical power meter module and an optical light source module in a single unit for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. These devices also offer functionality of switching between functions via a control menu.

GAOTek Fiber Optic Multimeters are portable, handheld testers that can be carried in the field without being cumbersome or adding to your already heavy load of tools and equipment. These devices are convenient for the installation, testing and maintenance of fiber optic networks.

GAOTek strives to provide its valued customers technologically advanced products durable enough to meet their need basic day-to-day fiber testing needs affordably.

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Functions of Fiber Optic Multi-Meters

In the past, fiber optic power meters and fiber optic light source were considered two different apparatuses and they formed a pair in the functioning of fiber optic tests. Now we have the fiber optic multimeter which has the functionality of both power meter and light source. It is very convenient for users to switch between multi meter function via control menu. In local area network (LAN), when the endpoint separation is in walking or talking range, the technical staff can utilize the mix of optical multimeter at any one end: fiber optic light source toward one side and optical power meter at the flip side. For the system of the long-distance network, the specialized staff ought to utilize the apparatus by utilizing integrated optical multimeter at each end.


GAOTek’s optical multimeter are devices which are specially used by technical support personnel for the testing of various tools. These devices are small, compact, and portable. They are multifunctional and support both AC and battery power supply which lasts for long hours. In addition, these meters have USB and RS232 port which enables operators to transfer and save data into the computer easily. They have rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, although, optic multimeters can work continuously for long hours under both power meter and light source functions which make them perfect for optical fiber network installation and maintenance applications. These devices have auto-off feature which can cut off power when needed.

Applications and Industries

Fiber optic multimeters are strong and solid support instruments that are generally used in media transmission systems, CATV frameworks and fiber optic lab testing.

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