High Precision LCR Meters

GAO Tek’s High Precision LCR Meters are specialized instruments designed for measuring the electrical properties of passive electronic components, namely inductance (L), capacitance (C), and resistance (R). Our meters are crucial in various applications, including electronics manufacturing, quality control, research and development, and circuit design. Some key features and benefits of our high-precision LCR meters include accuracy and precision, measurement resolution, wide frequency range, calibration capabilities, reliability in critical applications, quality control, and manufacturing.
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GAOTek High Accuracy of 0.25% LCR METER

This High Accuracy LCR Meter offers 0.25% precision. capacitance, inductance, resistance measurement. 39,999 digits display. 1 year warranty.

GAOTek High Precision Handheld Digital LCR Bridge Meter

This Handheld Digital LCR Bridge Meter has high precision measurement of L, C, R. fast, medium, Slow measurement speeds. USB communication.

GAOTek High Precision LCR Meter

GAOTek high precision LCR Meter is a kind of multifunctional element parameters for the various electronic component’s inspection tester

GAOTek High Speed Accuracy Handheld Digital Lcr Meter Tester

GAOTek Handheld high performance ARM micro process control

Leakage Current Recorder with Insulation Fault (Accuracy)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Technical Specifications Functions  Measuring AC leakage current and AC current, monitoring current in real-time