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Water Meters

Conductivity meters are used to analyze the conductivity of a substance, usually reported as an inverse function of resistivity. ‘Resistivity’ is always measured in ohms/cm. ‘Conductivity’ is measured in mhos/cm.

Regarding conductivity, this is the ability of water to conduct an electric current. Salts or chemicals which dissolve in water occasionally break down positively and/or negatively charged ions. The result are ‘free ions’ which can conduct electricity. Thereby, ion concentration measurements are a necessity to indicate how pure water is.

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GAOTek portable conductivity testers are ideal for application in water conditioning, medical environments, food and beverage industries, laboratory settings, and in other industrial applications. Lower conductivity means pure, natural water which is a necessity to several different business categories and work settings.

Features on GAOTek’s line of conductivity testers include a large LCD display, linear or pure water compensation, automatic temperature compensation, calibration reminders, a stability indicator, USB communication interface to allow for easy data transfer, multi-mode power scheme, built-in temperature sensors, and the most advanced technology to get the job done.

Conductivity measurements are key to quality control for things like testing water purity, verifying water quality, estimating ions per solution, and measuring elements in process solutions. Please note any water conductivity tester should be calibrated frequently to ensure accuracy of the measurement.

Every day, GAOTek conductivity testers are used in the United States, Canada, and globally across numerous industries. Simply turn on, insert, and read the results instantly. For routine analysis and quality control, you’ll be glad to have a device so consistent.

High-performance conductivity meters from GAOTek are high quality in design, reliable in rugged environments, accuracy in readings, and most importantly, affordable. Inspecting and testing has never been easier. Compact and portable, take this instrument in the field and conveniently work in even the most complex of conditions. Browse yours today from GAOTek.

With our water quality meters, the measurement process can be carried out effectively and efficiently, ensuring a great product experience.


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