Gloss meters are used devices designed for measuring the specular reflection gloss of a surface. The gloss is determined by the measuring of the amount of reflected light at an equal, but opposite angle from the light beam. The quantity of light is determined by shining light from a defined angle at a surface and then measuring the light opposite the source of light at the same angle. The measurement is then compared to a standard. The most common angle for measurement is 60°.


GAOTek offers a wide range of compact and portable gloss meters with auto calibration functions for immediate use and are designed to be easy to use for new users. Our gloss meters are for sale to the United States, Canada and globally, and are designed in accordance with the international standards: ASTMD523, ASTMD1455, ASTMC346, ASTMC584, ASTMD2457, DIN ENISO2813, DIN67530, ENISO7668, JISZ8741, MFT30064, TAPPIT480, GB9754, GB/T13891, GB7706 and GB8807. Its parameters conform with JJG696-2002.



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ID: GAOTek-GLS-103

GAO Tek Gloss Meter with Projecting Angle 20° 60° 85° guarantees high performance and increased precision of reflective capability measurements of the material.

ID: GT00X800ZR

ID: GT00X800ZX

This Gloss Meter with Compact Design (Auto Calibration) comes with three measuring angles 20°, 60° and 85° and can be used in floor maintenance , surface cleaning quality control and so on.

ID: GT00X800ZY

This Gloss Meter with Rapid Measurement (Large Storage) is designed to be used in floor maintenance and surface cleaning quality control with the measuring angle of 20°/60°.

ID: GT00X800ZZ

This Gloss Meter with Accurate Measurement (Auto Calibration) is designed to measure the gloss of a surface in the range from 0.1 GU to 200 GU with the measuring angle of 60°.

ID: GT00X800ZW

ID: GT00X800ZU

ID: GT00X800ZT

ID: GT00X800ZV