Wired Gas Analyzers

GAOTek wired gas analyzers are analytical instruments designed to detect and measure the concentration of gases in the surrounding environment, utilizing physical cables or wired connections for data transmission and power supply. While wireless gas analyzers have gained popularity for certain applications, wired gas analyzers offer their own set of benefits, including reliability, data security, continuous power supply, stable communication, high data transfer rate, no interference with other wireless devices, longer transmission distances, durability, and fixed installation.
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GAOTek Dew Point Analyzer for Online Measurement of Gas Water Concentration – High Accuracy

Dew point analyzer for online measurement of gas water concentration - high accuracy can be widely applied in the online measurement of water concentration in the industries like petrochemical industry, natural gas, industrial gas industry, semiconductor industry, drying industry, food industry, electronic power industry, machine manufacturing industry, air separation industry, pharmacy, etc.

GAOTek Gas Detector Multi Gas Analysers

GAOTek Gas Detector Multi Gas Analysers is a portable gas detection instrument designed for the accurate and reliable detection of methane (CH4) gas and other gases.

GAOTek Multi Gas Analyzer

GAOTek Multi Gas Analyzer is a new generation of multi-functional and portable device which can upload information in real-time.