Carbon Monoxide Gas Detectors with Data Logging

GAO Tek carbon monoxide (CO) gas detector with data logging is a safety device designed to monitor and detect the presence of carbon monoxide in indoor environments, with the added feature of recording and storing data over time. The emphasis on “data logging” underscores the capability of the detector to collect and store information about co-levels for later analysis. Key features and benefits of carbon monoxide gas detectors with data logging include: historical data analysis, regulatory compliance, source identification, occupancy patterns, maintenance planning, documentation for authorities, and peace of mind.
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GAOTek Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector – Dust and Splash-Proof

Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector: built-in pump, rich interface, large data storage, high accuracy. Protects with sound, light, and vibration alarms.

GAOTek Carbon Monoxide sensor and Gas Leak Detector

GAOTek high-quality carbon monoxide sensor and CO gas leak detector is a reliable and efficient device designed to detect carbon monoxide (CO) gas leaks and other toxic gases.

GAOTek CO Data Logging Detector

This CO Data Logging Detector has battery of 1200 mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery, accuracy of < ± 3% F.S, and response time of T 90 < 30 seconds.

GAOTekCO Detector Tester

This CO Detector Tester has relative humidity of 0.1% RH to 99.9% RH, power supply of AA x 4 pcs or 9 V adaptor, and temperature of -5 °F to 140 °F.

Industrial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (Wide Measurement Range)

GAOTek Gas Detector with Auto Calib continuously monitors single (toxic/combustible/oxygen) gas, supports automatical calibration, zero-set and data store.

Commercial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (Wide Range/Data Record)

GAOTek Gas Detector for Carbon Monoxide detects concentration of carbon monoxide gas, records data, and offers wide range of measurement.

Industrial Carbon Monoxide Gas Detector (CF Calibration, Alarms)

Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Smart probe design, calibration Maintenance more convenient in the future Fault, warning, operator error,