High Precision Ultrasonic Flow Meters

GAO Tek’s high-precision ultrasonic flow meters are advanced devices designed for accurately measuring the flow of liquids in pipes with exceptional precision. These meters employ cutting-edge ultrasonic technology to ensure highly accurate flow rate measurements, making them ideal for applications where precision is critical. The benefits of high precision ultrasonic flow meters include superior accuracy, reliability, and the ability to provide precise data for applications such as custody transfer, research, and processes that demand stringent control. These meters contribute to enhanced efficiency, reduced waste, and increased confidence in flow measurement accuracy, making them a valuable choice for industries where high precision is paramount.
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GAOTek High Accuracy Coriolis Mass Flow Meter

GAOTek Coriolis Mass Flow Meter is an advanced and high accuracy mass flow meter because of it’s superior performance, High Measuring accuracy and lower request for medium, lower pressure loss and directly display mass flow, volume flow and temperature high quality material, various output, and easy installation.

GAOTek High Precission Portable Ultarsonic Flowmeter Digital Water Flowmeter OEM DN25-DN10000

GAOTek High Precission Portable Ultarsonic flowmeter Digital Water Flowmeter is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid within a closed conduit.

GAOTek River Water Measuring Handheld Type Ultrasonic Flow Meter With Clamp On Holder Exterior Sensor

GAOTek River water measuring handheld type ultrasonic flow meter is a handheld water measurement device with a clamp-on holder exterior sensor with high accuracy.