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Water Testers

Using a water quality meter, the highest priority is always accuracy. Whether you’re measuring calcium or magnesium ion in water, the accuracy has to be on-point.

Second to that, and what you’ll find included in the design of all of our water quality meters, is ease of use. With the push of a button, enjoy water quality measurement in the field you can count on.

Browse dozens of water quality meters that are reliable, simple to use, and powerful. All you need to do is submerge the sensor probe into water and after immersion, you’ll have data produced within seconds. The state-of-the-art designs of these water meters are flexible in the sense that they can be used to test a wide range of water samples, including factory effluent to urban drainage, river water, lake and marsh water, aquatic culture tanks, agricultural water supplies, and seawater.

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Receiving accurate water quality data has never been so easy and inexpensive as it is with our water quality meters in-hand. Whether it’s for application in an aquarium, agriculture, wastewater treatment, water conditioning, laboratory, or some other alternative environment, rest assured you’ll be set up with tools you need to get the data you want.

Some of the products you’ll find in our catalogue include a water hardness meter, an underground pipes water leak detector, and a multi-parameter water quality meter for ORP, TDS, and salinity.

Through the years, GAOTek has always worked tirelessly to offer one of the highest quality, most advanced, and most diverse collections of water quality meters available anywhere in Canada, the United States, or internationally. Compared to other products in the market, you’ll also find them quite affordable.

Browse the GAOTek catalogue today for more information on everything from basic water quality parameter spot measurement devices to the most advanced sensors, always in a cost-optimized package.

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