Using a water quality meter, the highest priority is always accuracy. Whether you’re measuring calcium or magnesium ion in water, the accuracy has to be on-point.

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ID: GAOTek-ECT-102

GAOTek Eddy Current Conductivity Meter is a professional device used to precisely measure the thermal performance, conductivity, and purity of the material. This conductivity meter uses 60 kHz to inspirit, matching the aviation industry standards, with dually interpreted data in %IACS or MS/m units.


This Underground Pipes Water Leak Detector with Accurate Detection is designed using digital signal processing technology to detect the ambient noise interference.

ID: GT00Z100YX

This Benchtop Ion Meter for Ammonia Ion (High Calibration Range) is designed to measure the ammonia ion concentration of samples in ppm, mg/L, mmol/L and mol/L with an accuracy of 1% F.S.

ID: GT00Z100Z5

This Benchtop Ion Meter for Cadmium Ion (Memory Storage) is designed with 5 points calibration and selectable concentration unit and can be used to measure the cadmium ion concentration of samples.

ID: GT00Z100Z4

ID: GT00Z100Z3

ID: GT00Z100Z2

ID: GT00Z100YZ

ID: GT00Z100Z1