Benchtop DC Ground Fault Locators

GAO Tek benchtop DC ground fault locator is a device designed to identify and locate ground faults in direct current (DC) electrical systems. Ground faults occur when an unintended connection between a conductor and the ground is established, potentially leading to equipment damage, electrical fires, or other safety hazards. Key features and benefits of our benchtop DC ground fault locators include: precision and accuracy, ease of use, portability, advanced features, safety features, versatility and efficient troubleshooting.
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GAOTek DC Grounding Underground Power Cable Fault Locator

GAOTek product is mainly used for underground power cable (especially the single core high voltage cable) metal sheath grounding fault accurately pinpointing

GAOTek Low-Current Grounding Fault Locator

GAOTek low-current grounding fault locator for overhead line is suitable for low-current grounding system overhead line.

GAOTek Portable Underground Power Plant Cable Fault Distance Locator

GAOTek Ultra-high brightness and high-resolution color LCD which is clearly under the sunshine.

GAOTek Ultrasonic Partial Discharge Equipment DC System Grounding Fault Earth Locator

GAOTek ultrasonic partial discharge equipment DC system grounding fault earth locator configure different sensors to realize a partial discharge detection of almost all equipment; humanized human computer interface facilities data management different devices.

GAOTek Underground Cable Fault Pinpointing Locator

GAOTek cable faults pin-pointer is used for pin-Pointing kinds of cable faults of underground Power cable by using acoustic and magnetic method.