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GBIC CWDM Transceivers

Select from an exclusive collection of high performance and cost effective GBIC CWDM transceivers for serial optical data communication applications for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally.


The transceivers in this category are based on CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing) technique to transfer multiple signals of different wavelengths over one fiber. These 1.25 GB/s transceivers are used with single mode fiber and can link from 20 km up to 120 km data links.


Our GBIC CWDM transceivers are compliant with SFF 8472 and RoHs, and are lead free modules. The interface converters meet the GBIC standard Rev 5.5. An LD driver, a limiting amplifier, a DFB laser and a PIN photo detector make up the four sections of these transceivers. The optical output in the transceivers can be disabled by a TTL logic high-level input of Tx Disable or via 12C. They also indicate loss of signal (LOS) which is the loss of an input signal of receiver or the loss of link status with partner.


Key specific applications of these fiber-conserving WDM transceivers include:

  1.          Switch to Switch Interface
  2.        Gigabit Ethernet
  3.          Switched Backplane Applications
  4.          Router/Server Interface
  5.          Other Optical Links

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