Benchtop Clamp Meters

GAO Tek benchtop clamp meters are sophisticated instruments crafted for precise measurement and monitoring of electrical currents in laboratory and workshop settings. Benchtop clamp meters find applications in research facilities, educational institutions, and industrial laboratories where precision and reliability are paramount. Key features of benchtop clamp meters include a stationary design with high precision, a large display, extended functionality, stability, connectivity options, mains power, and being ideal for laboratory or workshop applications.
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GAOTek Electrical Energy Harmonics Power Quality Pad Analyzer With Clamp Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-111
GAOTek handheld Power Quality Analysis Pad has features which make it ideal for troubleshooting, compliance testing and energy audits.

GAOTek Handheld Digital Clamp Meter Three Phase Voltammetry

SKU: GAOTek-CM-114
Technical Specifications Working power supply built-in 8.4 V/2.6 AH lithium battery Voltage range 1 V to 500 V 0.5 %

GAOTek Handheld Digital Double Clamp Digital Phase Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-113
GAOTek Double Clamp Digital Phase Meter is specially designed for testing voltage, current and phase onsite, it is in high-precision, low price, portable hand-held, dual-channel input measuring product.

GAOTek Tri-Clamp Handheld Digital Clamp Ultrasonic Flow Meter

SKU: GAOTek-CM-118
Features • Multiple functions, with calculating, control, transmitting and other functions • Match with various weir tank. Right-angle, triangle weir,

GAOTek H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter with Data Storage

This H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter is used as a high-precision, low-voltage clamp meter and as a leakage current meter, measuring the current or leakage current of 0.01 mA, respectively.