GAOTek provides a collection of electrical product testers such as spectrum analyzers, digital oscilloscopes, digital multimeters, logic analyzers and generators. Our products offer technicians and field professionals the best for a variety of electrical testing applications. The GAOTek Electrical Testers are designed to check non-contact to contact voltage, continuity detection, circuit problems, open jaw current and motor phase rotation-testing. They also ensure voltages are correct for specific tasks.

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This Digital Fluorescence Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 500 MHz/4 Ch /Sampling rate 5 GSa/s) integrates digital oscilloscope, bus analyzer and digital voltmeter and comes with 4 channels, a bandwidth of 500 MHz, and a high sampling rate of 5 GSa/s.


This Function Generator (10 MHz ~ 60 MHz) combines Arbitrary Waveform Generation and Function Generation and comes with advanced Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS) technology to provide stable, precise, pure and low distortion signal.


This GAOTek High Performance Spectrum Analyzer (for wide frequency range) with excellent phase noise and high sweep speed can be used in field work to measure the frequency range from 9 kHz to 44 GHz.


This Logic Analyzer (150 MHz/32 Ch/2 G Memory) is a 32-channel device which combines the function of logic analyzer, bus analyzer, and logic probe in one device and is used to analyze, test and troubleshoot digital circuits.


This Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 100 MHz, Sample rate 2 GS/s, Channel 2+1/LA 16) combines the functions of digital storage oscilloscope and logic analyzer with real time sampling rate upto 2 GS/s.


This Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 60 MHz/LA-100 MHz, Sample Rate 1 GS/s LA–2 GS/s, Channel 2 + 1 / LA - 16) is a portable all-in-one device designed to detect the average and peak values of wave forms and supports USB transmission with 20 group auto measurement options.


This Mixed Signal Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 60 MHz~200 MHz, Sample rate 1 GSa/s LA-500 MSa/s, channel-2+1/LA 16) integrates the functions of digital storage oscilloscope and logic analyzer in one instrument with 1M memory depth for better observation of the waveform.


This GAOTek Spectrum Analyzer with Wide Frequency Range has excellent performance to test dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy and test speed.


This Smart Digital Oscilloscope (Bandwidth 60 MHz~300 MHz, Sample Rate 500 MS/s~3.2 GS/s) is a dual channel deep memory digital storage oscilloscope and each channel has the record length upto 10 M points.


This Spectrum Analyzer (9 kHz ~1.5 GHz, Phase Noise -85 dBc/Hz@10 kHz, DANL -150 dBm) is a test equipment designed to examine the frequency spectrum of radio frequency with -150 dBm displayed average noise level.

ID: GT00Z700ZM

ID: GT00Z700ZL

ID: GT00Z700ZQ

ID: GT00Z700ZU

ID: GT00Z700ZS

ID: GT00Z700ZT


DC power system grounding is an abnormal occurrence which may lead to system damage.

ID: GT00Z600ZX

This AC and DC clamp meter is specially designed for measuring AC/DC current and leakage current with modern CT technology and digital integration technology.

ID: GT00Z600ZT

This AC clamp meter is specially designed for measuring AC current and AC leakage current and comes with an on-line AC current measuring system with a wide measuring range of current from 0mA~600A.

ID: GT00Z600ZW

This highly accurate AC and DC clamp meter with non-contact measurement is specially designed for measuring AC/DC current, leakage current, and repairing the car circuit leakage up to 600 V line voltage


This clamp meter with AC and DC Current enables measurement of online AC/DC leakage currents whose voltage is below 600 V.

ID: GT00Y800ZX

This Earth Resistance Tester is designed for broad ground resistance measurement and loop resistance measurements.


This Handheld Spectrum Analyzer is a test equipment designed for real-time spectrum analysis of radio frequency circuits with a wide frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.6 GHz.

ID: GT00Z600ZU

This high accuracy AC clamp meter is specially designed for measuring AC current, AC leakage current, and on-line current measuring systems with wide measuring range of 0 mA ~ 300 A

ID: GT00Z600ZV

This light-weight DC clamp meter measures DC leakage and low current with a resolution of up to 0.01 mA.


This Phase meter for High Voltage (Digital Display) is used to test on high and low voltage, testing phase position with wireless transmission distance and linear transmission distance of about 262.46 ft. (80 m)

ID: GT00Y900ZW

This Phase Meter measures the difference in high voltage phase signal and wireless transmission with a visual range of up to 656 ft (200 m) and a sampling rate of up to 3 times/second


This power meter is a high-accuracy and multi-wave functional meter that is specially designed to test instruments.

ID: GT00Z800ZZ

This spectrum analyzer features a sleek and vivid structural design and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use whilst offering a 6600 mAh battery for continuous work.

ID: GT00Z800ZW

This spectrum analyzer offers greater accuracy compared to existing portable spectrum analyzers, featuring a resolution bandwidth smaller than 500kHz.



This LCR Meter with RS-232C and handler is used for evaluating LCR components, materials, and semiconductor devices over a wide range of frequencies 50 Hz-200 kHz and test signal levels (0.01 Vrms to 2 Vrms)

ID: GT00Z700ZJ

This professionally engineered Oscilloscope with Scope Meter (Data Storage), comes with a large digital display for easy viewing and delivers accurate and precise measurement

ID: GT00Z700ZK

This Oscilloscope with Signal Generator (Calendar Display) is built with a digital/analog clock and calendar display for easy viewing and automatic display of measured waveforms and zero correction



This high performance LCR Meter with DC Super-Impact Protection with a clearly visible VFD display comes with a high speed comparator which reduces production line tact time and allows the construction of automatic production lines


This portable LCR Meter with Test Signal Monitor (Key Lock Function) offers a wide frequency range (50 Hz~100 kHz, 16 points) and tests signal levels (0.01 Vrms to 2.00 Vrms)


This LCR Meter with 5 Terminals (Automatic selection) is designed for evaluating incoming inspection of components, quality control, and laboratory use over a wide range of frequencies from 10 Hz to 300 kHz


ID: GT00Y800ZY

This power tester is designed for ground resistance testing as well as loop resistance testing.


This multifunctional Power Meter with Magnetic Shielding is used to measure 3-phase AC voltage, current, leakage current, phase between current and voltage, frequency, power energy, phase sequence and active power


This multi-functional meter is an intelligent device which combines the function of a large Caliber Leakage Clamp Meter and Micro Power Clamp Meter and helps in measurement of three phase AC voltage and current

ID: GT00Y900ZX

This Phase Meter with Wire Examination is a multi- functional instrument which provides detection of phase sequence, live wire examination, simple power detection and also helps in break location detection.


This Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio Tester is used for on-line measurement of current and voltage using wireless transmission signal with a direct-line transmission distance of about 30 m.

ID: GT00Y700ZZ

This Megohmmeter with Auto Voltage Release measures insulation resistance and displays automatic release of voltage and comes with 18 groups of data storage capacity.


This High Precision Power Quality Analyzer is a multi-functional device which comes with the functions of electric parameter measurement, energy meter calibration and wiring judgment.

ID: GT00Y900ZZ

This intelligent Double Clamp digital Phase Volt-Ampere Meter is used in the direct measurement of AC voltage and current, and also used for indirect measurement of power factor and power of the circuits.


This intelligent Inductance meter with handler (beep) comes with an in-built HANDLER and RS-232C interface to help build an automatic component sorting system and used for incoming inspection and fast sorting on inductance production line


This Handheld Milliohm Meter with Auto shutdown adopts high-performance 32-bit ARM processor which works with high accuracy for a wide measurement range from 10 uΏ to 20 MΏ.


This high-performance Handheld Milliohm Ohmmeter with SCPI Command (Keypad Lock) provides accurate and convenient measurements of passive components for a wide measurement range from 10 μΩ to 20 MΩ


This Portable H/L Voltage Clamp Current Leaker measures high voltage current with a 12.5 in (32 cm) insulating rod, adopting the latest CT technology and integrating mask digital technology.


This three-channel leakage current tester provides online measurement, monitoring, and recording of three channel AC leakage currents at the same time by adopting the latest CT and magnetic shielding technology.


This Oscilloscope with Anti-Theft Lock and flash light cover the bandwidths from 70 MHz to 200 MHz, and provide the real-time and equivalent sample rates respectively up to 1 GSa/s and 25GSa/s.


GAOTek Oscilloscope with auto zero calibration and can record 40 waveforms and display max/min/current values simultaneously.


This Inductance Meter with Data Hold (Handler) comes with an in-built handler and RS-232C interface and is used to measure parameters such as series inductance Ls, parallel inductance Lp, equivalent series resistance ESR, equivalent parallel resistance EPR and quality factor Q


This H/L Voltage Clamp Meter with Data Memory provides high precision and high voltage current measurement by adopting the latest CT and integrated mask digital technology.


This H/L Voltage Clamp Meter is designed for measuring high voltage currents and comes with wireless receivers which can receive measured data within a 0.01 mi (30 m) line.


This H/L Voltage Clamp Current Meter is used as a high-precision, low-voltage clamp meter and as a leakage current meter, measuring the current or leakage current of 0.01 mA, respectively.

ID: GT00Z700ZY

This Oscilloscope with Video help cover the bandwidths from 60 MHz to 200 MHz and provides the real-time and equivalent sample rates respectively up to 1 GSa/s and 25 GSa/s.


This High Voltage Current Ratio Tester with Clamp Ammeter is used for on-line measurement of high-voltage current transformer in service under 60 KV, primary and secondary current of transformers, transformation ratio, and leakage current with high accuracy

ID: GT00Z700ZZ

This Oscilloscope with 32 Auto and cursor tracking measurements cover bandwidths from 60 MHz to 200 MHz, and provide the real-time and equivalent sample rates respectively up to 1 GSa/s and 25 GSa/s.


This portable Ohmmeter with Keypad Lock (Auto Power-Off) function accurately measures electrical resistance between two points in a circuit by adopting a high-performance 32dgt ARM micro-processor


This Milliohm with Data hold battery tester analyzes the degradation of the battery by testing the internal resistance and voltage ranging from 0.1 mΩ to 200 Ω, 0 - 50 V DC voltage.


This Micro Ohm Meter with built-in temperature compensation is used to test super low or low resistance and has accuracy of 0.1 % with measurement range 0.1 uΩ to 1.2 GΩ


This Three Power Quality Analyzer is a specially designed testing instrument which tests the power grid waveform distortion, voltage fluctuation, harmonic content and unbalanced three-phase power quality problems.


This Handheld AC Milliohm Meter with Four Terminal Measurement is designed as low-resistance meter and a voltmeter with a wide resistance measurement range from 0.01mΩ to 2kΩ and is suitable for assembly line tests for all kinds of batteries


This high precision three phase power quality analyzer with built-in data storage is used to test power grid waveform distortion, voltage fluctuation and flicker, harmonic content and unbalanced three-phase power quality problems


This Micro Ohmmeter with data hold and remote trigger is designed to measure high, medium and low value resistances for a wide measuring range from  0.001 mΩ ~ 20.100 MΩ

ID: A0210001tek

This logic analyzer has one channel of arbitrary waveform output, 8 Bits output, synchronized signal outputs, two channels of Counter/Frequency Measurement inputs, 8 Bits input and external trigger input.

ID: A0110011tek

This electrical tester is used to measure voltage, current, frequency, phase, power factor, active, reactive and apparent powers of 3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire

ID: GAO A0110010tek

This portable three phase KWH meter calibrator measures voltage, current, frequency, phase, power factor, active power, reactive power, appearance power of 3-phase 3-wire or 3-phase 4-wire

ID: A0110008tek

This Battery Internal Resistance Tester is a multi-function test device which provides quick and accurate measurement of battery status and records multi-group battery voltage and resistance

ID: A0230008tek

This logic analyzer with arbitrary waveform function provides a sampling rate of 100 Msa/s, a vertical resolution of 8 bit and a waveform length of 1 kpts based on Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) technology

ID: A0230007tek

This highly accurate DDS function generator based has highly stable output and has a frequency range of 40 µHz to 60 MHz and output waveforms include Sine, Square, Pulse and DC

ID: A0230006tek

This DDS function generator is used in development, testing and repair of electronic equipment.

ID: A0230004tek

This DDS(Direct Digital Synthesized) function generator has a highly accurate and highly stable output. It’s designed based on DDS(Direct Digital Synthesized) technology. Its frequency range is 40 µHz to 10 MHz and output waveforms includes Sine, Square, Pulse and DC

ID: A0230003tek

This compact Digital RF Millivoltmeter and frequency counter measures sinusoidal signal voltage, over a wide frequency range of 10 kHz to 2000 MHz.

ID: A0110009tek

This portable battery conductance tester is a multi-functional data storage measurement instrument for testing a battery’s operating condition and parameters quickly and precisely.

ID: A0120008tek

This USB PC based oscilloscope is one of the most versatile and widely-used electronic instruments.

ID: A0120007tek

This Digital Storage Oscilloscope supports high accuracy and high resolution electronic counter base on oscillator inside. It can reach 7 digits resolution by selecting large memory one of 512 K, 1 M memory for each analog channel.

ID: A0120006tek

This digital oscilloscope is an all-in-one device which integrates the functions of a logic analyzer, FFT spectrum analyzer, electronics counter, clock jitters analyzer and comes with 8 channel logic analyzers crossing trigger to analog channel and vice versa

ID: A0120005tek

This digital storage oscilloscope analyses up to 4 analog channels with a sampling rate of up to 500 MSa/s and offers a remarkable bandwidth combined with sufficient storage and makes accurate measurements

ID: A0120004tek

This digital storage oscilloscope can analyse up to 4 analog channels with a sampling rate of up to 500 MSa/s and record length of up to 512 K

ID: A0120003tek

This GAOTek Digital Storage Oscilloscope is designed with 2 Analog Channels, 32 Trigger Channels and 4/16 digital channels from logic analyzer pod and holds the memory of 512 kilobytes and 1 Megabytes.

ID: A0120009tek

This USB PC based Oscilloscope operates with a bandwidth of 100 MHz to analyse up to 2 Channels with a maximum sampling rate of 250 MS/s

ID: A0110024tek

This digital storage oscilloscope is commonly used in the sciences, medicine, engineering, and telecommunications industry.

ID: A0110004tek

GAO A0110004 digital storage oscilloscopes integrate a digital oscilloscope (DSO), a digital Multimeter (DMM) and a 6 bit digit frequency counter into one unit.

ID: A0110003tek

This 4 channel mini digital oscilloscope is ideal for common electronic engineering tasks.


This lightweight portable 4-channel, 60 MHz automotive diagnostic oscilloscope has a wide input voltage range from 8 V to 36 V, making it suitable for vehicle power tests

ID: A0N00021tek

This digital satellite finder is used for for DVB-S/S2, ABS-S signal measurement and comes with the embedded video and audio decoders


This High Performance Transmission Line and Antenna Analyzer is designed for on-site testing of cable and antenna systems in various communication networks with a wide frequency range (1 MHz ~ 8 GHz).

ID: A0070007tek

This handheld, lightweight Spectrum Analyzer is designed to locate, analyse and map the signal interference and is very useful for wireless communication field engineers to characterize the signal environment.