Rugged Colorimeters

GAO Tek rugged colorimeters are specialized instruments designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions and rough handling, making them suitable for use in challenging and demanding settings. Our devices offer durability and resilience, ensuring reliable color measurement in rugged environments. Here are our key points emphasizing the benefits of rugged colorimeters: durable construction, resistance to environmental factors, impact resistance, water and dust resistance, versatility in field applications, extended instrument lifespan, on-site quality control, reliable color data in challenging environments, easy cleaning and maintenance, and transportability in the field.
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GAOTek Color Test Machine Colorimeter

SKU: GAOTek-RC-218
GAOTek color test machine colorimeter is a professional colorimeter designed and produced subject to the relevant standards of International Commission on Illumination (CIE) and national stands.

GAOTek Colorimeter for Whiteness Measurement – Voltage of 220 V

GAOTek colorimeter for whiteness measurement – voltage of 220 V mainly measures the whiteness of various objects such as talc powder, calcium carbonate, kaolin, starch, barium sulfate, flour, salt, building materials, paper and cardboard, pulp and chemical fiber pulp, cotton and chemical fiber, textiles, plastics, ceramics, ceramic, starch, salt, white cement, porcelain clay, talc powder, etc.

GAOTek Colorimeter Precision Digital Laboratory Equipment

SKU: GAOTek-RC-211
GAOTek colorimeter precision digital laboratory equipment is a new portable spectra-colorimeter with 3nh own core research and development technology. It is the high-level colorimeter in spectral architecture.

GAOTek High Accuracy Soil Nutrient Colorimeter

SKU: GAOTek-RC-210
GAOTek high accuracy soil nutrient colorimeter is a spectrophotometer developed with independent core spectroscopic technology.

GAOTek High Quality Professional Lab Test Equipment

SKU: GAOTek-RC-215
GAOTek high quality professional lab test equipment is serious about color measurement and high user satisfaction.

GAOTek Laboratory True Color Colorimeter Testing Machine

Discover precision with GAOTek Laboratory Color Colorimeter. Accurate Lab data, LED light source, touch screen, wide data storage. Learn more about its features, and specifications.

GAOTek Measure Instrument Electronic Colorimeter

SKU: GAOTek-RC-216
This Measure Instrument Electronic Colorimeter has a charging time of 8 hours, rechargeable lithium-ion battery 3.7 V and power supply of 3200 mAh.

GAOTek Microcomputer Automatic Operation Haze Colorimeter

Efficiently measure material haze with GAOTek Microcomputer Colorimeter. Automated operation, accurate results. Explore now!

GAOTek Photoelectric Colorimeter

SKU: GAOTek-RC-212
GAOTek photoelectric colorimeter is a new portable spectra colorimeter with its own core research and development technology.

GAOTek Pocket Colorimeter

SKU: GAOTek-RC-213
GAOTek pocket colorimeter is Portable and robust, micro-processor-controlled colorimeter with power-saving LED technology.

GAOTek Portable Reflection Color Colorimeter

SKU: GAOTek-RC-214
GAOTek Portable Reflection Color Colorimeter offers a huge number of added value features and improved versatility, while fully maintaining all optical properties and therefore, guaranties full data compatibility with the previous series.

GAOTek Robust Colorimeter

SKU: GAOTek-RC-219
GAOTek robust colorimeter is a robust, microprocessor-controlled colorimeter with power-saving LED technology.

GAOTek Robust Portable Colorimeter

SKU: GAOTek-RC-217
GAOTek robust portable colorimeter with power-saving LED technology.

GAOTek Testing Instrument COD Colorimeter

Get a breakdown of what the GAOTek Testing Instrument COD Colorimeter can do. This COD Colorimeter is perfect for any application that requires accurate and reliable COD measurements.

Colorimeter with High Accuracy (Data Storage, SCE, SCI)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features The 2.4″Width Colorful screen and portable design make you feel Comfortable. 3 kindS of