Outdoor Crack Detectors

GAO Tek’s Outdoor crack detection systems are typically used to identify and monitor cracks or structural issues in outdoor environments, such as bridges, buildings, dams, or other infrastructure. Our systems often utilize various technologies to detect and assess cracks in real time or through periodic inspections. Some potential benefits and key features of our outdoor crack detectors are early detection, continuous monitoring, cost savings, safety improvements, data analysis, remote monitoring, and integration with other systems.
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GAOTek Concrete Width Crack Detector

GAOTek concrete width crack detector features crack meters are designed to provide precise measurements of crack widths, allowing engineers and inspectors to monitor crack propagation over time.

GAOTek Integrated Rebar Detector

GAOTek integrated rebar detector are mainly used for detecting the internal reinforcement position, the protective layer thickness, reinforcement spacing and diameter of rebar.

GAOTek Metal Material Flaw Crack Detector

GAOTek metal material flaw crack detector features can quickly, non-destructively, and accurately detect various defects (cracks, inclusions, blowholes, etc.) inside the workpiece.

GAOTek Weld Inspection Flaw Detector Crack DetectorF

GAOTek weld inspection flaw detector crack detector to fast and convenient, no damage, accurately artifact within a variety of defects such as cracks, weld, porosity, sand holes, the detection, location and folding the inclusion, assessment and diagnosis, widely used in electric power, petrochemical, boiler, pressure vessel, steel structure, military industry, aerospace, rail transport, automobile, machinery, and other fields.