GAOTek has developed advanced thermal imagers that are high quality, affordable, and accurate. Thermal imager is a non-contact temperature measurement device. It detects the infrared energy transmitted, reflected or emitted by all materials at a temperature above absolute zero. The energy factor is converted into a temperature reading or thermogram. Thermogram is the thermal image radiation produced that is displayed by the camera object emitting infrared energy. Thermal imagers are widely used for finding potential problems in applications across disciplines.

GAOTek’s products are versatile instruments designed for thermal imaging. You can choose from a wide selection of thermal imagers to help you detect infrared energy of an object with ease. We emphasize a better user experience when it comes to our products, and they are available for purchase in the United States, Canada and globally.

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This Portable Endoscope (Video Record) enables detection of narrow and bending areas which other equipment cannot reach and features continuous recording and storage of videos.
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This Pipe Inspection Camera and DVR is designed for maintenance in the pipes and wiring behind walls with PAL/NTSC Video Text Generator and 12 adjustable LEDs.