Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detectors with Alarm

GAO Tek hydrogen sulfide gas detectors with alarm are advanced safety devices designed to detect the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas, a highly toxic and flammable gas, in various environments. The inclusion of an alarm system in these detectors serves as a critical feature, enhancing their effectiveness in mitigating potential hazards. Key features and benefits of hydrogen sulfide gas detectors with alarm include: early warning system, emergency response facilitation, customizable alarm thresholds, and remote monitoring and notification. We have products in stock and can ship overnight within North America. Need any help? Fill out this Ask an Expert form or email us at sales@gaotek.com

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GAOTek 5 In 1 Gas Detector

This 5 in 1 Gas Detector has temperature range of 32 °F to 122 °F, up to 9999 data records logging and Bluetooth 4.0 for data transfer.

GAOTek Hydrogen Sulfide Detection Gas Monitor

GAOTek hydrogen sulfide detection gas monitor adopts high-quality gas sensors, which display safety and reliability with accurate measurement and stable performance.

GAOTek Hydrogen Sulfide Multi-Gas Detector

This Hydrogen Sulfide Multi Gas Detector has a working temperature range of -4 °F to 122 °F, pump failure alarms, and a response time of <30 sec.

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector (Wide Measurement Range)

Key Features Specifications   Key Features Usingᅠimportedᅠhigh-precisionᅠelectrochemicalᅠprinciplesᅠsensor USBᅠinterfaceᅠhighᅠspeedᅠdataᅠtransmission,ᅠcanᅠbeᅠdownloadedᅠprintᅠdataᅠ(optional) LCDᅠdotᅠmatrixᅠdisplayᅠtechnology,ᅠcanᅠdisplayᅠtheᅠtypeᅠofᅠgas,ᅠtheᅠgasᅠunit,ᅠgasᅠconcentrationᅠvalues,measuredᅠmaximum,ᅠlocalᅠtime,ᅠambientᅠtemperature,ᅠetc. SupportᅠChineseᅠandᅠEnglishᅠoperationᅠinterface,ᅠeasyᅠtoᅠswitch GasᅠconcentrationᅠunitᅠPPM,ᅠmg/m3ᅠcanᅠquicklyᅠswitchᅠdisplay Built-inᅠmicroᅠsamplingᅠpump,ᅠtheᅠpumpᅠsuctionᅠsizeᅠtenᅠstallsᅠadjustable Explosion-proofᅠcertification,ᅠproofᅠgrade:ᅠExiaIIᅠCT4 Technical Specifications GasᅠDetected Hydrogenᅠsulfideᅠ(H2S) Detectionᅠprinciple Electrochemicalᅠprinciples SamplingᅠMethod

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector(Sound & Light Alarm)

GAOTek Gas Detector for Hydrogen Sulfide detects concentration of hydrogen sulfide gas, records data, and supports sound and light alarm.

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector (Alarm Record, Storage)

Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Smart probe design, calibration Maintenance more convenient in the future Fault, warning, operator error,

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector (Storage, High Accuracy)

SKU: GT00Z200X6
Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Small size, weight, easy to carry High accuracy, shot response time, wide measurement range

Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector(Two Alarms, Compact)

SKU: GT00Z200V4
Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Adopt advanced 16bits controller of ultra-low power Resolution is 128*64 LCD High precision electro-chemical