Methane Gas Detectors with Data Logging

GAO Tek infrared methane gas detectors with data logging capabilities utilize infrared technology to detect methane concentrations and include a feature for recording and storing data over time. The benefits of our data logging include: historical analysis, troubleshooting and diagnostics, compliance reporting, risk assessment, performance monitoring, event correlation, remote monitoring, and user-friendly interface.
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GAOTek Methane Gas Alert Detector

GAOTeK Methane Gas Alert Detector simultaneously monitors and displays up to five atmospheric hazards.

GAOTek Methane Gas Telemetry Detector

Features Designed to detect methane gas from relatively long distances Allowing for gas monitoring in remote or hard-to-reach areas Compact,

GAOTek Portable Methane Detector

GAOTek Portable Methane Detector with the inner pump to detect the gas composite concentration data in different working place, is designed with 6 sensors at most; one is default of the temperature and humidity sensor, so when workers need to inspect the gas concentration, it can detect 5 gas type at most.