Wireless Formaldehyde Gas Detectors
GAO Tek wireless formaldehyde gas detectors are advanced devices designed to monitor and detect formaldehyde levels without the need for physical wiring. Emphasizing the benefits of wireless detection, here’s a brief description: flexibility and easy installation, remote monitoring, scalability, reduced installation costs, real-time data accessibility, quick deployment in temporary spaces, minimal disruption to spaces, enhanced coverage, battery-powered options, integration with IOT platforms, and user-friendly interface.
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GAOTek 0 ppm to 1000 ppm Formaldehyde Gas Detector

SKU: GAOTek-FD-119
GAOTek 0 ppm to 1000ppm formaldehyde gas detector adopts advanced gas sensor and high-quality control technical, has quick response, high accuracy, great stability and repeatability.

GAOTek Air Formaldehyde Meter

SKU: GAOTek-FD-103
This Air Formaldehyde meter has an accuracy of 0.001, size of 3.543 in x 1.575 in x 3.543 in (90 mm x 40 mm x 90 mm) and a 3.7V lithium battery

GAOTek Carbon Dioxide Monoxide Transmitter Formaldehyde Detection

SKU: GAOTek-FD-109
GAOTek Carbon Dioxide Monoxide Transmitter Formaldehyde Detection has a wide range of parameters like PH3, O2, CO, H2S, and more.

GAOTek CH2O Formaldehyde Gas Analyzer

SKU: GAOTek-FD-110
GAOTek CH2O Formaldehyde Gas Analyzer offers a measurement range from 0 ppm to 1000 ppm with a precision of 2 % FS, also 3.5-inch color display.

GAOTek Fixed Industrial Formaldehyde Gas Detector

SKU: GAOTek-FD-104
This Fixed Industrial Formaldehyde Gas Detector has a power supply of 220 V 50Hz, keyword of detector and function of metal purity analysis.

GAOTek Formaldehyde Gas Leak Detector

SKU: GAOTek-FD-106
GAOTek Formaldehyde Gas Leak Detector is a high-performance portable gas detector that can detect multiple gases.

GAOTek High Accuracy Monitor Formaldehyde Detector

SKU: GAOTek-FD-105
This High Accuracy Monitor Formaldehyde Detector has a monitoring capability of 0 μmol / mol to 40 μmol / mol, indication error of ≤ ± 10 % FS and repeatability of ≤ 5%.

GAOTek Multi Gas Formaldehyde Detector

SKU: GAOTek-FD-102
GAOTek multi gas formaldehyde detector is a waterproof and dustproof pump suction composite gas detector that detects single gas concentration or multiple (≤ 6 types) gas concentrations.

GAOTek Portable Formaldehyde Tester

SKU: GAOTek-FD-108
GAOTek portable formaldehyde tester directly measures airborne formaldehyde concentrations as well as ambient temperature.

Formaldehyde Gas Detector (Wide Range, High Precision)

GAOTek Gas Detector for Hexane monitors concentration of ozone gas with high precision, offers wide measurement range and self-check function.

Formaldehyde Gas Detector (Alarm, Beep Sound Above 50ppm)

GAOTek Formaldehyde Gas Detector detects the presence of HCHO and measures concentrations between 1-50ppm with alarm and produce beep sound above 50ppm.

Formaldehyde Gas Detector (Wide Measure Range)

Key Features Specifications Key Features Monitoring of the environment, or the concentration of formaldehyde in a confined space and give

Formaldehyde Gas Detector (Wide Range/Data Record)

GAOTek Gas Detector for Formaldehyde detects concentration of formaldehyde gas, records data, and offers wide range of measurement.

Formaldehyde Gas Detector (3 Type Alarms, Storage)

SKU: GT00Z200W8
Key Features Technical Specifications Key Features Small Size, light weight, easy to carry High accuracy, short response time, wide measurement