Rugged Sound Level Meters

GAO Tek rugged sound level meters are designed to withstand challenging environmental conditions and harsh usage, making them suitable for demanding applications in industries, construction sites, outdoor environments, and other situations where durability is crucial. The emphasis on rugged highlights the robust construction and resilience of these meters. Here are the benefits associated with our rugged sound level meters: durable construction, resistance to environmental factors, shock and vibration resistance, reliable performance in harsh conditions, extended temperature range, water and dust resistance, fieldwork and outdoor applications, reduced risk of damage, longevity in industrial environments and reliable data in high-noise environments.
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GAOTek Sound Level Meter Calibrator (ND9a, ND9b)

This Sound Level Meter Calibrator (ND9a, ND9b) is designed for calibration of sound level meters and sound measuring system with a frequency of 1000 Hz.

Sound Level Meter with Datalogger (Real Time Clock Reader)

GAOTek Sound Level Meter with real clock reading and has data logging capacity up to 129920 , sampaling rate of 20ms,500ms,1s,2s,5s,10s,60s.

Digital Multi-Function Sound Level Meter (Max Hold Value)

GAOTek Digital manometer with USB interface measures pressure up to 10PSI with built-in low range and high range error indicator.