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XFP DWDM Transceivers

GAOTek presents a distinguished range of high performance XFP DWDM (10 Gigabit Small Form-Factor Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) transceivers for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. Select the transceiver that best suits your requirements from this exclusive collection of XFP MSA compliant transceivers.


The DWDM technique offers increased bandwidth through dense and tightly spaced channels. XFP DWDM transceivers use this technique to multiplex various signals in one fiber optic cable. They support the C-band wavelength range between 1528.77 nm to 1567.13 nm. These hot pluggable devices can be inserted or removed during operation.


GAOTek’s XFP DWDM transceivers used with single mode fiber, are equipped with DWDM EML type transmitter and an APD type or a PIN type receiver. These user friendly modules come with a full duplex LC connector and standard bail release mechanism. They support line-side and XFI loopback, and are built for low power dissipation. They provide digital diagnostic functions via a 2-wire serial interface, as per XFP MSA. The sophisticated alarm system alerts end-users if operating parameters fall out of the factory-set range.


GAO Tek’s 10 Gb/s XFP DWDM are ideal for the following applications:

1.       DWDM 10G Fiber Channel

2.       DWDM SONET OC-192&SDH STM-64

3.       DWDM 10GBASE-ZR/ZW 10G Ethernet / 10GBASE-ER/EW 10G Ethernet

Our 8.5 Gb/s XFP DWDM transceivers are ideal for use in multi-rate 8x/4x/2x fiber channel.

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