GAOTek provides affordable, safe and reliable transmission line testers, digital clamp meters and power meters for sale to the United States, Canada and globally. A transmission line is a specialized cable designed to conduct alternative currents of radio frequencies. Transmission lines are used for connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antenna to distribute signals.

However, in power systems, transmission lines are a long conductor with a bundle that carries a huge amount of generated power at very high voltages from one station to another. The GAOTek Transmission Line Testers determine the voltage drop, transmission efficiency and line loss, which are affected by line parameters R, L and C of the transmission line. Leading technologies support our products for our customers to use.

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ID: GT00Y800ZX

This Earth Resistance Tester is designed for broad ground resistance measurement and loop resistance measurements.
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This Phase meter for High Voltage (Digital Display) is used to test on high and low voltage, testing phase position with wireless transmission distance and linear transmission distance of about 262.46 ft. (80 m)
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ID: GT00Y900ZW

This Phase Meter measures the difference in high voltage phase signal and wireless transmission with a visual range of up to 656 ft (200 m) and a sampling rate of up to 3 times/second
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This power meter is a high-accuracy and multi-wave functional meter that is specially designed to test instruments.
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ID: GT00Y800ZY

This power tester is designed for ground resistance testing as well as loop resistance testing.
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This multifunctional Power Meter with Magnetic Shielding is used to measure 3-phase AC voltage, current, leakage current, phase between current and voltage, frequency, power energy, phase sequence and active power
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This multi-functional meter is an intelligent device which combines the function of a large Caliber Leakage Clamp Meter and Micro Power Clamp Meter and helps in measurement of three phase AC voltage and current
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ID: GT00Y900ZX

This Phase Meter with Wire Examination is a multi- functional instrument which provides detection of phase sequence, live wire examination, simple power detection and also helps in break location detection.
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This Three-Channel Wireless HV CT Ratio Tester is used for on-line measurement of current and voltage using wireless transmission signal with a direct-line transmission distance of about 30 m.
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This High Precision Power Quality Analyzer is a multi-functional device which comes with the functions of electric parameter measurement, energy meter calibration and wiring judgment.
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ID: GT00Y900ZZ

This intelligent Double Clamp digital Phase Volt-Ampere Meter is used in the direct measurement of AC voltage and current, and also used for indirect measurement of power factor and power of the circuits.
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This High Voltage Current Ratio Tester with Clamp Ammeter is used for on-line measurement of high-voltage current transformer in service under 60 KV, primary and secondary current of transformers, transformation ratio, and leakage current with high accuracy
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This Three Power Quality Analyzer is a specially designed testing instrument which tests the power grid waveform distortion, voltage fluctuation, harmonic content and unbalanced three-phase power quality problems.
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This high precision three phase power quality analyzer with built-in data storage is used to test power grid waveform distortion, voltage fluctuation and flicker, harmonic content and unbalanced three-phase power quality problems