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Transmission Line Testers

GAOTek provides affordable, safe and reliable transmission line testers, digital clamp meters and power meters for sale to the United States, Canada and Globally. A transmission line is a specialized cable designed to conduct alternative current of radio frequency. Transmission lines are used for connecting radio transmitters and receivers with their antenna to distribute signals.

However in power systems, transmission lines are long conductor with bundle which carries a huge amount of generated power at a very high voltage from one station to another. Our transmission line testers determine the voltage drop, transmission efficiency, and line loss which are affected by line parameter R, L, and C of the transmission line. Our products are always supported by the newest leading technologies for our customers to use.


Transmission line testers are designed to determine the contact resistance between a metal and a semiconductor. Probes are applied to pairs of contacts, and the resistance between them is measured by applying a voltage across the contacts and measuring the resulting current.

There are three types of length wise transmission lines. The short transmission line has a length of about 50 km, voltage level of up to 20 kV, and capacitance effect is neglected thus only resistance and inductance is taken in calculation. Medium transmission line length is between 50 km to 150 km, the operational voltage level is from 20 kV and 100 kV, and all line parameters are taken into consideration, but distributed capacitance form is used for calculation purpose. Lastly, the long transmission line has a length of more than 150 km, a voltage level above 100 kV, and line constants are considered as distributed over the length of the line.


A transmission line tester has these following features:

Real-time display - The measurement results can be displayed in an accurate manner with the help of different color for easiness and readability of the user.

Wireless transmission - The maximum distance of straight line transmission is about 98 ft (30m)

Phase detection – Automatically set an alarm if in contact with a strong measured electric field

Built-in data storage - The measurement of evaluated data gets saved in memory automatically so that it can be downloaded or printed using a computer.



The construction of new transmission lines are getting multiplied day by day all over the world thus there will be a need of increasing technical operators to maintain and operate on these transmission lines. Therefore, GAOTek transmission line testers are ideal for this scenario which will effectively and efficiently help these technical workers to complete their task and aid them in their field of electrical engineering.

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