Gloss Meters for Coatings

GAO Tek’s Gloss meters are devices used to measure the gloss or shininess of a surface, particularly in the context of coatings. Gloss is an optical property that indicates the amount of light reflected off a surface at a specific angle. In the coatings industry, gloss is a crucial factor as it directly affects the appearance and perceived quality of a finished product. The benefits of gloss meters for coatings are gloss measurement, quality control, appearance consistency, customer satisfaction, process optimization, research and development, compliance with standards, and durability assessment.
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GAOTek Gloss Meter Digital Portable Rechargeable

SKU: GAOTek-GM-108
GAOTek Gloss Meter features All kinds of coating and finishing surfaces, such as paints, varnishes, printing ink, etc.

GAOTek Gloss Meter Digital Surface Measurement

SKU: GAOTek-GM-103
GAOTek The Gloss Meter is a handheld gloss meter. Thanks to its ivory white engineering housing, its appearance is simple and generous.

GAOTek Gloss Meter Economic 60deg Angle

GAOTEK Gloss Meter features are manufactured according to ISO2813 and GB/T 9754

GAOTek Gloss Meter for Coating and Painting

SKU: GAOTek-GM-110
GAOTek The Gloss Meter for Coatings and Paintings is a specialized instrument designed to measure and quantify the glossiness or shininess of various surfaces, particularly those coated with coatings and paints.

GAOTek Gloss Meter for Coatings and Paintings

SKU: GAOTek- GMS -102
GAOTek Gloss meter for coatings and paintings Compact size, portable, high accuracy, suitable for surface gloss of coatings and paintings.

GAOTek Gloss Meter for Paint Plastic Paper Surface

SKU: GAOTek-GM-106
GAOTek Gloss Meter features is a handheld gloss meter with measuring range of 0-200  GU.

GAOTek Gloss Meter High Accuracy Portable Digital Display

GAOTek Gloss Meter features is a precision instrument used to measure the glossiness of various surfaces.

GAOTek Gloss Meter Marble Paint

SKU: GAOTek-GM-104
GAOTek Gloss Meter features with 60 ° angle, manufactured according to ISO2813 and GB/T 9754.