What is an E1 Tester

An E1 Tester is a handheld product that is used for field testing for installation and commission for Datacoms services which comes in different varieties of test modes and datacom signal analysis. The E1 offers many features as in an easy-to-use solution, autoconfiguration, and a battery-operated feature that is used for service providers and field technicians.


E1 Tester Features

There are many features to choose from when using an E1 tester. Some of the features consist of performance when it comes to E1 and using it for datacom service installation or maintenance. It helps minimize training when the autoconfiguration is used. The E1 Tester supplies extra E1 and datacom testing depending on which software is being used. E1 Testers have event logs and bar graphs to give information to help troubleshoot. This product also can be troubleshot through dual E1 ports also can achieve bi-directional monitoring. Color is also a feature that many will love when using the GUI feature of the E1 Tester as well as having several languages.


Here are a few products and an overview of what E1 Testers consist of.

Gao-E1Test-102 handheld data transmission analyzer with E1 and BER testing consists of tools for day to day maintenance, troubleshooting, and equipment installation. It is used particularly for E1 circuits and frame relay services with important applications. It can also be used for in-service monitoring and BER testing from 50b/s to 2048kb/s. This product also can be configured with large screen color TFT LCD with backlight and built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that lasts up to 8 hours without an external power supply.

The GAO-E1Test-102 handheld has key features of Color TFT LCD with touchscreen, dual E1 testing, E1 synchronous clock input and out. It has E1 ping testing and comes with a large capacity data storage of 10000 records.

Another product for the E1 Tester is GAO Tek SDH/PDH transmission analyzer which consists of an online and offline test STM-1, STM-4, STM-16, and can be used for private networks and SDH/PDH systems. The transmission analyzer of the E1 Tester has a convenient operation to assure the required transport network for SDH/PDH as well as having access to network installation and maintenance testing.

The key features are flexible, software-defined, stimulated LED for current and historical error indication. Multiple tasks can be created and deleted dynamically and freely. It comes with a 4 in.  TFT LCD and touch screen, a visible graphic display, and an external clock Tx and Rx interface.


Product GAO Tek Data Transmission Analyzer and E1/T1 BER Tester is a handheld communicator test. It is used for an E1 digital circuity, DDN and error bit test data communication system. The E1 transmission analyzer is created for frame synchronization code monitoring, CRC monitoring, offline error testing, signal waveform analysis, and IP ping testing.

Key features of this product are frame word signaling and time slot data viewing, various error insertion and detection of bit, code, FAS, and CRC. It also comes with large storage of 5000 records and can use a PC to control the test remotely which is connected through an Ethernet.



The E1 Tester can use the performance of furnishing measurement of frequency and measures E1 signals. It can supply round trip delay, help detect defects and insertions, give pulse shape if chosen to do so. This product also can supply transmitted frequencies and audio monitors. The measurements range in G.821, G.826, and M.2100.

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