Multichannel Polarimeters

GAO Tek’s Multichannel polarimeters are specialized instruments designed to simultaneously measure the optical rotation of multiple samples. Our instruments are particularly useful in high-throughput environments, where the ability to analyze multiple samples concurrently can significantly increase efficiency and productivity. Key features of multichannel polarimeters are simultaneous Measurement, high Throughput, automation, increased productivity, diversity of applications, data consistency, efficiency, and space optimization.
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GAOTek Fully Automatic Digital Polarimeter

GAOTek Fully Automatic Digital Polarimeter is an instrument for measuring the optical rotation of a substance.

GAOTek Laboratory Automatic Polarimeter

GAOTek  Laboratory Automatic Polarimeter is an instrument for measuring the rotation of substances.

Disc Polarimeter with High Accuracy (Quality Control)

GAOTek Disc Polarimeter provide High Accuracy with Quality Control by determining the samples of foods and chemicals.