Food & Beverage pH Meters

GAO Tek’s food and beverage pH meter is a specialized instrument designed for measuring the acidity or alkalinity of various food and beverage products. The pH level is a critical parameter in the food and beverage industry as it directly affects the taste, texture, and overall quality of the products. Some key features and benefits of our food & beverage pH meters are quality control, process optimization, versatility, product stability, and compliance.
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GAOTek Portable digital pH Meter for Food and Milk

GAOTek pH Meter for Food and Milk is a digital pH meter specifically designed for the accurate measurement of pH levels in food and milk products.

GAOTek Portable pH Meter for Food

GAOTek Portable pH Meter Food is a compact and portable pH meter specially designed for food-related applications.

GAOTek PH Controller with 3 Points Calibration (Reset Function)

This PH Controller with 3 Points Calibration (Reset Function) is designed for monitoring the pH of liquids in chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental protection and food industries.